Ausser Kontrolle (partially found DSF german crash show; 1999-2000)

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Ausser Kontrolle2.png

The logo of "Ausser Kontrolle".

Status: Partially Found

Ausser Kontrolle (In englisch Out of Control) was a television program broadcast in Germany on DSF from 1999 to 2000[1] and was moderated by Florian Kraemer and Judith Zimmer.[2] The show was post-edited by the company Rebelproduction[3]


The concept of the series was to show and comment on accidents from all types of motorsport, from circuit racing with monoposti, touring cars and trucks to rallies, drag racing and motorboat racing. In addition, almost every program featured the crash of the day, which Florian Kraemer described with the statement “Bumm hats gemacht!” awarded - however, this “prize” was a subjective decision by the moderator. Furthermore, the moderators always talked about each other's private lives; so moved e.g. For example, Judith Zimmer often confronts Florian Kraemer because of his (allegedly) pink, lowered Opel Corsa.[4]


The show was criticized for the presenters' trivialization of the accidents, and the viewer was also left in the dark about the consequences of particularly serious accidents.[5] However, despite the gloating, the moderators repeatedly asserted that no one was injured in the accidents.


Ausser Kontrolle was canceled in mid-2000 after the district youth welfare office of the Mainz-Bingen district complained to the Bavarian State Center for New Media because it saw the protection of young people in the media at risk. A re-broadcast is therefore not possible.[6]


Only individual clips from the show can be found on YouTube, a complete episode has not resurfaced. It is unclear how many episodes were produced. Clips from the show can be found here.