BeyWarriors: Cyborg (found Toonami Asia English dub of anime; 2015-2017)

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Beywarriors cyborg.jpg

Key art.

Status: Found

Date found: Jul 2022

Found by: Hoshi no Yume

BeyWarriors: Cyborg is a Japanese-Canadian anime spinoff of the Beyblade franchise produced by SynergySP and Nelvana. The series consists of 26 episodes and 2 TV specials. Unrelated to the rest of the franchise, BeyWarriors: Cyborg is set on the desolate planet of Teslandia, where a group of teenagers are tasked with restoring its beauty through a war for energy.

BeyWarriors: Cyborg is the third and final entry in a trio of Beyblade spinoffs produced for the western market. Unlike its two predecessors, which were never released in Japan, the series was released in its entirety in the country exclusively through several streaming services in early 2015.[1] Also unlike the prior two Beyblade spinoffs, BeyWarriors: Cyborg received very little international distribution. Nelvana announced that the show would launch internationally in the fall of 2014.[2] The only international market that would receive the series during that time frame was Italy, where BeyWarriors: Cyborg debuted October 18th on K2 before being permanently removed from the schedule after 14 episodes on November 30th.[3] After the first two episodes aired in Italy, due to the declining ratings of the last Metal Saga series Beyblade Shogun Steel along with the previous two spinoffs BeyWheelz and BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz,[4] Nelvana dropped the license to the series and stepped out of the project,[5] and the planned toyline to be released by Hasbro was cancelled.[6] The series would later receive Turkish and Tagalog dubs in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

An English dub produced by d-rights[7] began airing on Toonami Asia in South East Asia on October 3rd, 2015.[8] This dub was recorded in Hong Kong at SDI Media, rather than in Canada, like all other Beyblade series had been to that point. While the entire TV series aired on Toonami Asia, the two TV specials did not. The English version of the show hasn't officially been released through any home video format. In conjunction with the channel’s then-upcoming broadcast of Beyblade Burst, Disney XD in the United States acquired the catalogue rights to the entire Beyblade franchise in late 2016.[9] This included BeyWarriors: Cyborg, though currently, the series remains unreleased in North America.

Video capper Toon India/Subhraneel was able to record part of the series but lost access to the show after Toonami Asia changed its Indian lineup to focus on retro cartoons.[10] The series remained in rotation on the other Toonami Asia feeds until the channel's closure in March 2018.[11] Before the format change, Subhraneel capped 15 assorted episodes, though some were edited by the channel to merge them into a single time slot and as a result, many are missing their end credits/next episode preview sequences.[12]

In 2022, the series began airing on the Super Hungama channel in India. The English dub ran as an alternate audio track. All 26 episodes, as well as the 2 TV specials, were captured and released by fansub group Hoshi no Yume between July and November of that year.[13]


BeyWarriors: Cyborg English Dub Trailer.

BeyWarriors: Cyborg Opening.

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