Biffa2001 (partially found Hermitcraft videos from YouTuber; 2012-2021)

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Thumbnail of Season 3 "Episode 50."

Status: Partially Found

Hermitcraft is a SMP (survival multiplayer server) that was started in 2012 by GenerikB and is still running in the present day. One former member was Biffa2001, who was part of the original founding members, and participated in every season up to Season 6. However, his last 3 seasons (4, 5, and 6) are abnormally short due to external circumstances.

As of March 14th, 2021, Biffa has privated all of his Hermitcraft episodes, fully marking his departure from the group (on good terms). This decision reflects that of a few weeks prior to purge his second Minecraft channel, and his removal from the official Hermitcraft website. Biffa himself mentioned that he is fully breaking away from Minecraft content in his discord server.

While a good portion of these episodes are preserved on sites like, a few of his more iconic episodes, such as Season 3 "Episode 50" #THG 5v1 and Season 3 "Episode 61" "The Battle of Clifftop", have not been found. However, screencaps from his episodes are available on the internet, and his collaborative videos with other members of the server sometimes link to his (now defunct) episodes.

One thing to note is that his first 4 seasons were located on his main channel, whereas his episodes for Seasons 5 and 6 were located on his now defunct side channel.

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