Bit the Cupid (partially found episodes and original audio of anime series; 1998)

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The show's title.

Partially Found (Episodes)
Partially Found (English Dub)

Bit the Cupid is a Japanese anime series produced by Group TAC. Featuring character designs by Susumu Matsushita and CG-animation, the show ran for 48 13-minute episodes on TV Tokyo between April 1995 and March 1996. The show would later be dubbed in various countries in the late 1990's, eventually receiving a English dub.

The show quickly fell to obscurity, with very few home releases ever being made. Only 23 out of the show's 48-episode run have been found.

Japanese Audio

The only footage that remains of the original Japanese audio of the series prior to 2022 was the show's end credits that was uploaded back on YouTube in 2010 on which said end credits theme was released on CD beforehand.

On June 18th, 2022, YouTuber Lee's Video Store Of Obscurities would upload episodes 1-8 of the series that came from a VHS rented at a rental VHS store, where it would subsequently be digitized and uploaded to their YouTube channel. Two days later, on June 21st, 2022, they would subsequently upload episodes 12-19 of the series to their YouTube channel as well.

Two months later, on September 24th, 2022, the latter user would upload episodes 9-12 and episodes 38-41 on their YouTube channel. With a total of 23 uploaded episodes on their YouTube channel, there are 25 more episodes missing from the series.

Chinese VCDs

Bit the Cupid would be released on VCD in Taiwan, dubbed in Chinese. Only 15 episodes[1] have been known to be released in the format, evidenced by a listing of all the VCDs.

These would later be ripped by a user to, where it would be reuploaded to YouTube a decade later.

English Dub

On January 13, 1998, the Fox Family Channel announced their inaugural lineup of television shows. This included an English dubbed version of Bit the Cupid set to air in the morning hours.[2] Produced by Saban Entertainment, the dub was directed by Marc Handler and featured Richard Epcar, Tony McDougall, Jerry Gelb, Frank Catalano and Lex Lang.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

There are no known home video releases of this dub, with the only available footage online coming from a 1998 Fox Family upfront promo.

Surfaced Content

1998 Fox Family upfront promo; the only footage from the English Dub.


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