Bob Patterson (partially found episodes of ABC sitcom; 2001)

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The series logo, featuring Jason Alexander as Bob Patterson.

Status: Partially Found

Bob Patterson was an American sitcom created by Jason Alexander, Michael Markowitz, and Peter Tilden. It premiered on ABC on October 2nd, 2001, and was cancelled in November 2001,[1] with the final episode airing October 31st that same year.


The cast, from left to right: Landau, Bob Patterson, Janet, and Jeffrey.

The show follows Bob Patterson, "America's #3 Self-Help Guru". While he is successful at his job, with two books, I Know More Than You and I Still Know More Than You, under his belt, he struggles to balance his career and personal life. At the office, he works with his partner Landau, their intern Vic, and Claudia, a paraplegic secretary; at home, Bob deals with his ex-wife Janet, and his overweight son, Jeffrey.


Following poor critical reception[2][3] and disappointing ratings,[4] five of the shows' scheduled ten episodes were left unaired. The Paley Center for Media currently holds copies of the episodes "Pilot"[5] and "Honest Bob"[6] in their collection. Since its cancellation, there have been no home media releases, with only five episodes available online in their entirety.


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Pilot Oct 2nd, 2001 Found
2 Honest Bob Oct 9th, 2001 Found
3 Naked Bob Oct 16th, 2001 Found
4 Awards Bob Oct 24th, 2001 Found
5 Bathroom Bob Oct 31st, 2001 Found
6 Family Bob Unaired Lost
7 Paranoid Bob Unaired Lost
8 Clown Bob Unaired Lost
9 Matchmaker Bob Unaired Partially Found
10 Wheelchair Bob Unaired Lost


Promo for the show.

Fictitious seminar video from the original website.

Promo poster.

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