Booksmart (lost second draft of American teen comedy film; 2014)

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Final poster for the 2019 film.

Status: Lost

In 2009, screenwriters Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins penned a screenplay titled Book Smart, involving two overachiever girls attempting to get boyfriends before prom. The script was placed on the Black List’s best liked scripts of 2009, among other screenplays such as The Social Network and The King’s Speech.[1] In 2014, writer Susanna Fogel added on to the original draft, most notably making the character Amy a lesbian and having the two girls focus on going to an after-prom party to seek out their now-single crushes.[2] Annapurna Pictures later picked up the script to produce, with Olivia Wilde pitching on the script and being put on to direct. [3] During this time, Kaitlyn Dever was also attached to the project as Amy. In 2017, Katie Silberman was brought on to make more changes to the script and refine it into the shooting script used during filming in 2018.


While the 2009 and 2018 drafts are available online, the 2014 draft with Susanna Fogel's edits is not available. Only the contents of the changes are summarized, with no other descriptions of how the script was altered. Considering Fogel has had other prolific work, such as directing and co-writing The Spy Who Dumped Me in 2018, it’s possible the 2014 draft of Booksmart could be released to the public.