Bubble Bobble for Kakao (lost Japanese/South Korean mobile platformer; 2014)

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Title screen (Season 2).

Status: Lost

Bubble Bobble for Kakao (보글보글 for Kakao) was a mobile free-to-play platformer arcade game. It was released in 2014 by Taito, Skonec Entertainment and published by KakaoTalk in South Korea. The game was online-only. The game was only available in Korean language. In 2015 the game was updated with Season 2, with a reworked interface, new levels and bosses. The game servers were shut down in 2019.[1]


The gameplay is similar to other Bubble Bobble games. The player controls Bub, a Bubble Dragon (and other characters) that can move, jump and blow bubbles. When blowing a bubble near an enemy, it will be stuck in the bubble for a short period of time. The bubbled enemy must be jumped on to defeat it, defeated enemies drop fruits. If the bubbled enemy escapes, it will turn angry, and will move faster. If any unbubbled enemy touches the character, a life will be lost. All enemies must be defeated to complete a map, before the timer bar on the top of the screen gets full. To complete a level, all of its maps must be cleared (the bar on the left side of the screen). The in-game shop was used to purchase items, characters and pets.


The game was discontinued and the servers went offline in 2019, making the game unplayable on all devices. When the game app is opened now, it gets stuck at title screen, showing a connection error popup.[2]


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