CBoyardee (partially lost videos of YouTube channel; 2006-2013)

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Shumaker in 2012.

Status: Partially Lost

Chef Boyardee (commonly shortened to "CBoyardee") is the internet handle of Eric Shumaker, an amateur animator who was known for his grotesque, surreal YouTube videos. Having previously achieved significant attention for creating the video game Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, he held an active presence on YouTube until 2014.


Though his start as a web animator is currently unknown, he first came to prominence in 2011 with the release of the short "Dilbert 2" and its sequel, "Dilbert 3." Both works, parodies of the long-running comic strip Dilbert, became immensely popular on YouTube for their surreal storytelling, uncanny visuals, and dissonant, serene soundtracks. The shorts even caught the attention of Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who jokingly panned the shorts for depicting Dilbert's shirt pocket on the wrong side of his chest.

Following the popularity of the "Dilbert" videos, Shumaker released numerous other animations of a similar style, being either more parodies or entirely original shorts. Some notable videos include "The Football Kid" (a parody of "artsy" short films), "Ghostly Return" (a brief short featuring rapper Tupac Shakur delivering a bizarre monologue) and "Oldest Trick in the Book" (a short that openly mocks the then-incumbent American president George W. Bush, who is trapped in a cage and repeatedly called a "war criminal" by Shumaker). By the time the CBoyardee channel was terminated, Shumaker had accumulated over 6,000 subscribers.

In 2013, Shumaker made all of his videos private, apparently ashamed of them. This led to disappointed fans re-uploading as many videos as they could before CBoyardee was eventually shut down the following year. When asked about the matter on Twitter a year later, Shumaker stated that he was no longer sure why he shut his channel down.[1] Shumaker later explained in a documentary about him that his channel got banned because of a video named "Remove kebab tupac serbia".[2]

While the reason for this video getting his channel banned is unknown, it is likely that it was in part caused by references in the video to Karadžić, Lead Your Serbs (colloquially known as "Remove Kebab"), a 1993 Serbian propaganda video depicting a band of Serbian soldiers performing a song praising Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić and threatening violence against Bosnian Muslims, intercut with footage alluding to Bosnia's policies of "Serbenization" and ethnic cleansing, that would culminate in genocide two years later. The video, originally created to improve Serbian forces' morale during the Yugoslav Wars, became popular on the internet in the second half of the 2000s due to the absurd imagery of the band's performance, with many mocking its poor production and aggressively jingoistic overtones. However, the video also gained popularity among white supremacists for its Islamophobic content, and came to be known primarily for this after being referenced by Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the perpetrator of the 2019 Christchurch Mosque Shootings; Tarrant wrote the phrase "remove kebab" on one of the guns used in the Islamophobic mass murder. While Shumaker's video was likely devoid of Islamophobic content (given the time period in which it was produced and released as well as Shumaker's own distaste of the Bush administration's actions during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars), its ties to the propaganda piece are what most likely resulted in his channel's termination.


Video Status Notes
gorge bush is a Great ape from the Zoo Found CBoyardee's first video.
d.l. hughley acting reel Found
Homer Character Found Originally named "return of the weedlord", but was later changed.
Ghostly Return Found Originally named "return of the weedlord 2", but was later changed.
part of fred murderstone Found
dog mayor Found
pep talk part 1 of the big game trilogy Found Name was changed to "The Big Game".
llet me smell yo dick Found
Exclusive Barkley 2 Preview! Found
Los Jaivas - Todos Juntos Found
Semper games. Found
socceristhebest - Hate Me Now Found
apes Found
Re:How To Smoke Smarties Found
Prepare to be Shadicowned - A Heartfelt Tribute to Shadic23 Found
They Don't Give a Fuck Found
Times Square Found
Very interesting. Found
I have a dream Found
The Life and Times of Jesus Found
Let's Play Shrek Found
Scatman John's Washington D.C. Restaurant Review Found
The Football Kid Found
Dilbert 1 Found
Dilbert 2 Found
Dilbert 3 Found
tarpit by takeshi murata Found
Re: Soulja Boy - S.O.D. Money FreeStyle (Exclusive) *NEW* Partially Found Was apparently about CBoyardee saying a line said by Soulja Boy.
double penetrating dong Lost
george bush and my dad are two sides of the same coin. Lost
revenge of the weed lord 3 Lost Video was apparently about an alien turning the earth into weed.
Re: Symphony X - Set The World On Fire (The Lie Of Lies) Lost
Oldest Trick in the Book Found
Nobuo Uematsu Found
Re: Shrek is Dreck Found
Shrek Joke of the Day: Joke #1 Found
Shrek Joke of the Day - Joke #2 Lost
Shrek Joke of the Day - Joke #3 Lost
Shrek Joke of the Day - Joke #4 Lost
Shrek Joke of the Day: Joke #5 Found
Shrek Joke of the Day #6 Found
Remove kebab tupac serbia Found
Morph 1 Found People have said there has been 30 Morph videos, but this remains unconfirmed.
Tony Mason Cox Pickin' AMV Found
Powerful bad boys Found
Rugrat Soundtrack Remake Partially Found
Emergency Shrek FAQ of the Day Lost
cooch of the ape Lost
Dark Smash Bros Lost
Night of Bush Capturing - Killing Bush Lost
The documentary video.

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