Captain Mack (found stop-motion pilot of CITV children's live-action series; 2004)

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Captain mack 150.gif

Photo of Captain Mack from the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Captain Mack was a live-action British children's show from 2008 to 2010, about Captain Mack, who works for the Sky Rocket Control in Sunshine City, keeping an eye on residents to protect the city from trouble. There was a stop-motion pilot pitched to CiTV in 2004/2005, which was produced by Cuppa Coffee Studios and Kickback Media. This version of the series was originally planned to broadcast around Fall 2007, originally Fall 2005, and Spring 2006. However, due to change of plans, the entire show was redone and production was taken over by Fireback Entertainment, resulting in the Captain Mack we know today.

The stop-motion pilot ended up being unreleased, and not much content from the pilot has resurfaced besides what is available as of the writing of this article.

Some notable differences are the different character names, different color schemes and designs used for the characters, and generally the opposite of the final show in terms of design and other aspects.


A few images, and two clips are available for the pilot, one is of a character doing a cartwheel, the other of Captain Mack blurting out something which cannot be heard. A description of the pilot is also available.[1][2]



Cuppa Coffee reel containing a clip of the pilot (0:12).


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