Cartoon Critters (partially found CBBC puppet series; 1996-1999)

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Dogsbody and fleur.jpg

The show's hosts, Dogsbody and Fleur

Status: Partially Found

Cartoon Critters is a British puppet show that first premiered on BBC Two as part of it's CBBC block on July 3rd, 1996[1] and aired its last episode on BBC One on September 30, 1999.[2] It featured two anthropomorphic dog hosts named Dogsbody (a character from an earlier show made by the same group of people, Spacevets) and Fleur Pompidou. The characters were voiced by Robin Kingsland and Julie Westwood respectively, with Kingsland also being a writer on the show. [3]

Each episode revolved around teaching the viewer how animals behaved in the real world compared to their animated counterparts. This would be achieved with a mixture of real-life documentary footage and cartoons from classics such as Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes to recent programmes such as Pingu. In addition to this, each episode had its own unique storyline involving Dogsbody and Fleur in their studio space and a segment where Dogsbody would draw his own cartoon character and bring it to life using what the show calls the "Critterizer", showing a short animation where the character does something humourous.


So far only 7 episodes have been uploaded online, two episodes from series 2 and five episodes from series 4. The only footage of series 1 comes from very brief clips found in a CBBC promo made when the series was airing, leaving absolutely no footage or known material for series 3. All of the uploads of the show online have the cartoon segments edited out due to copyright reasons.

Episode list

Series 1

# Title Status
1 The Beginning Lost
2 Charity Auction Lost
3 The Holiday Lost
4 The Zapper Lost
5 The Fortune Teller Lost
6 Interio's Design Lost
7 Makeover Lost
8 The Strike Lost
9 Mountain Bike Lost
10 Football Match Lost
11 Birthday Lost
12 The Day Off Lost
13 I Don't Need You Lost

Series 2

# Title Status
1 Fitness Lost
2 Dog in a Dress Lost
3 First With the News Lost
4 Camping Trip Partially Found
5 Mouse Lost
6 Luvvies Lost
7 From Bad to Verse Partially Lost (cartoon segments missing)
8 Wild West Partially Lost (cartoon segments missing)
9 Hard Luck Lost
10 Election Fever Lost
11 Record Breakers Lost
12 Chained Is as Good as a Rest Lost
13 Maximum Security Lost

Series 3

# Title Status
1 Pets Lost
2 Open Day Lost
3 Clones Lost
4 Video Diaries Lost
5 When Will I Be Famous? Lost
6 Cutting Back Lost
7 Fleur's Book Lost
8 Commercial Break Lost
9 DIY Lost
10 Screen Writers Lost
11 Stress Busters Lost
12 Competition Lost
13 Cartoon Critters Christmas Special Lost

Series 4

# Title Status
1 Astro Dog Partially Lost (beginning and cartoon segments missing)
2 Bark of Avon Partially Lost (beginning and cartoon segments missing)
3 Fleur's New Friend Partially Lost (beginning and cartoon segments missing)
4 Pavlov's Dogsbody Lost
5 The Buzz Lost
6 The Picture Partially Lost (beginning and cartoon segments missing)
7 I'm Bored Lost
8 The Last Day Lost
9 Dogsbody's Bodypods Lost
10 Boxed Friends Lost
11 Am Dram Lost
12 The Appeal Lost
13 The Dig Partially Lost (beginning and cartoon segments missing)


A BBC Two promo featuring brief clips of the show. (at 29:39)

A BBC One promo for series 4 using clips from the episode "Astro Dog". (at 0:54)

A BBC Two promo from an unknown date.