Character Beauty (partially found The Miller Stain Limit EP; 2001)

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The album’s cover.

Status: Partially Found

Character Beauty is a five-song EP by Canadian rock band The Miller Stain Limit, which the band self-released in 2001 after getting dropped by Universal Music. The band was composed of Jay Miller (vocals) and Terry Sawchuk (production, instruments), and had a top 20 rock hit in 1999 with "Cellophane".

The five songs on the EP were titled "Over There," "As the Crow Flies," "Chameleon," "Dear Old Dad," and "The Flu."


In May 2012, a user uploaded the songs "As the Crow Flies" and "Chameleon" onto the Internet Archive. The other three songs, "Dear Old Dad," "Over There," and "The Flu," are presumably lost forever.

In 2015, a Lost Media Wiki contributor contacted Sawchuk on Facebook, but he no longer has any of the masters. Sawchuk then told the contributor that he would ask Miller if he had the masters, but the contributor never heard back from Sawchuk or Miller.

The website with the band's MP3's is long dead.


Chameleon (track 1)

As the Crow Flies (track 3)

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