Chibi Maruko-chan (partially found English dubs of anime series; 1990s-2000s)

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A still of the anime's cast.

Status: Partially Found

Chibi Maruko-chan (ちびまる子ちゃん) is a popular multimedia franchise from Japan. It's about the simple life of a girl named Momoko Sakura and her family living in Shimizu (suburban Japan) in the year 1974. The franchise began as a manga series for girls, but quickly became popular among all audiences. The manga was first adapted into a 142-episode anime series, airing from January 7th, 1990 to September 27th, 1992. A new series was created in 1995, and has been on the air ever since. As of December 2021, over 1300 episodes of the second series have been produced.

Over the years, numerous English dubs have been made of both the first and the second Chibi Maruko-chan anime adaptations. However, due to various reasons, these dubs remain either partially found or completely lost.

Nickelodeon India

The 1995 Chibi Maruko-chan series was broadcasted in both English and in Hindi by the channel Nick India. In November of 2017, the subbing group ATTKC would upload numerous episodes of the Nick India English dub onto their blog.[1] These would later be reuploaded by the official Chibi Maruko-chan YouTube channel. The episodes can be found below:

Episode Number Japanese Title English Title
107 「 まる子 めがねにあこがれる」の巻 Maruko is Crazy About Spectacles
108 「マラソン大会の練習」の巻 Practice For the Marathon Meet
109 「まる子 通帳をなくす」の巻 Maruko Loses Her Passbook
110 「藤木のひきょうを直す会」の巻 Getting Over Fujiki's Selfish Behavior Association
111 「腹話術をやろう」の巻 The Ventriloquism Match
112 「ホワイトデー騒動」の巻 The White Day Commotion
113 「超能力者がやってきた!!」の巻 There Comes a Supernatural Powers Specialist
114 「いちご狩りに行こう」の巻 Let's Go Strawberry Picking
115 「赤ちゃんのおもり」の巻 Taking Care of the Baby
116 「こわれたカメラ」の巻 The Broken Camera
118 「お母さんの髪型」の巻 Mom's New Hairstyle
120 「お父さんが参観会にやってきた」の巻 Dad Comes for the Inspection Visit Day
121 「山根くん 大あばれ」の巻 Yamane Wreaks Havoc
122 「長山くんを見習おう」の巻 Let's Follow Nagayama's Footsteps
123 「UFOはいるか、いないか」の巻 I'm Not Sure, But Do UFOs Exist?
124 「みぎわさん、ダイエットをする」の巻 Migiwa is on a Diet
125 「ヨッちゃんの引っ越し」の巻 Yo-chan Changes His Home
126 「前田さんと野口さん」の巻 Maeda and Noguchi
127 「たまちゃんちの九官鳥」の巻 The Mynah Tama-chan's House
128 「まる子、スズメを拾う」の巻 Maruko Brings Home a Sparrow
129 「停電の夜」の巻 A Light Electricity Failure
130 「こくぞうさんの木」の巻 Kokuzo-san's Tree
131 「平岡君」の巻 A Young Boy, Hiroka
132 「ハチの巣騒動」の巻 The Honeybee Hive
133 「まる子アマチュア無線にあこがれる」の巻 Maruko Longs For an Amateur Radio Station
134 「宝さがしゲーム」の巻 Treasure of Fun
135 「野口さんの家に行く」の巻 Maruko Goes to Noguchi's House
136 「今日は8月31日」の巻 The End of Summer Vacation
137 「恐怖の心霊写真」の巻 Horrifying Photography of the Soul
138 「佐々木のじいさんの親戚」の巻 Sasaki Grandpa's Relatives
140 「ヒロシの友情」の巻 Hiroshi's Friendship
141 「読書の秋だよ」の巻 The Autumn of Reading
142 「藤木の疑問」の巻 Fujiki Has a Doubt
143 「まる子 カンニングをする」の巻 Maruko Does the Cheating
144 「カメラマンになりたい」の巻 I Wanna Become a Photographer
145 「英会話教室に見学に行く」の巻 Maruko Goes For American Accent Training
146 「佐々木さんと川田さん」の巻 Sasaki Grandfather and Mr. Kawada
147 「まる子 ハンコが欲しい」の巻 Maruko Wants a Seal
148 「やきいも大会をしよう」の巻 Let's Have a Roasted Sweet Potato Party
149 「山下選手のサイン会に行く」の巻 Maruko Goes to a Autograph Signing Session of Yamashita
150 「誰かオレを撮ってくれ!!」の巻 Somebody Please Take My Picture!
151 「忘年会をやろう」の巻 Let's Hold a Year End Party
152 クリスマススペシャル 「もしもまる子が花輪家の子供で花輪クンがさくら家の子供だったら」の巻 Christmas Special (What if Maruko Belonged to Hanawa Family and Hanawa to Sakura Family?)
155 「おじいちゃん、年賀状のことを気にする」の巻 Grandpa Takes Greeting Cards Too Seriously
156 「マラソン大会の前日」の巻 A Day Before a Marathon Meet
157 「カゼのおみまいに行く」の巻 Maruko Goes to See a Patient

Ocean Studios

To celebrate the franchise's 10th anniversary in 1996, Pony Canyon released a special LaserDisc in Japan.[2] One of the segments was a compilation of international opening and ending themes from the original series.[3] Both the LaserDisc sleeve and the ending of the segment credit the 1994 English production to Ocean Studios in Vancouver, Canada. This is the only footage from the dub to surface. Actress Teryl Rothery has listed her involvement with the show on her resume.[4]

Voicebox Productions/Pioneer Entertainment

Voicebox Productions, a Canadian voice acting company also located in Vancouver, has listed a Chibi Maruko-chan pilot for Pioneer Entertainment and Studio B Productions on their website since the early 2000s.[5] No other information on this project is known. As Voicebox only came into existence in 1999, it's likely this was unrelated to the aforementioned Ocean dub.

Animax Asia

The 1990 anime series was dubbed by Omni Productions and aired on Animax Asia.[6] In November of 2017, ATTKC would post a short clip from the Animax Asia dub.[1] However, this clip has since been removed due to a copyright violation.

Voice Cast (Animax Asia)

  • Russell Wait as The Narrator
  • Sarah Hauser as Momoko Sakura (Maruko-chan), Mrs. Maruo (Maruo's mother)
  • Emily Woo Zeller and Andrea Kwan as Sumire Sakura (Maruko's mother)
  • Candice Moore as Sakiko Sakura (Maruko's sister)
  • Richard Magarey as Tomozo Sakura (Maruko's grandfather)
  • Michael Pizzuto as Shigeru Fujiki and Noritaka Hamazaki (Hamaji)[6]

Japan Foundation

Starting in late 2018, some episodes of the 1995 series were dubbed into English by the Japan Foundation, and posted on YouTube by two of the official Chibi Maruko-chan channels. These can be found on both of the dedicated English language channel and the general dub channel.

Voice Cast (Japan Foundation)

  • Michael Szuc as The Narrator
  • Catherine Fu as Momoko Sakura (Maruko-chan)
  • Jack Murphy as Hiroshi Sakura (Maruko's father)
  • Muriel Hofmann as Sumire Sakura (Maruko's mother)
  • Lily Troncale as Sakiko Sakura (Maruko's sister)
  • Simon Broad as Tomozo Sakura (Maruko's grandfather)
  • Candiace Moore as Kotake Sakura (Maruko's grandmother)
  • Muriel Hofmann as Tamae Honami (Tama-chan)
  • David McKinney as Sueo Maruo
  • Hunter Purvis as Kazuhiko Hanawa
  • Jamie Anderson and Dave Bridge as Additional Voices[7]


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