Children of the Corn (lost "Blue Man" deleted scene from horror film; 1984)

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The only photo of the deleted scene.

Status: Lost

Children of The Corn is an 1984 supernatural slasher film based on the same name of a 1977 short story by Stephen King. The film centers around a couple named Burt and Vicky who finds themselves in a cornfield town in Nebraska. This town is run by a cult of children and teenagers who is instructed to kill all adults under an unknown entity called "He Who Walks Behind the Rows". The film recieved mixed reception, and over the years, became a cult classic for horror fans and spawning eleven films (including a prequel and remake). While Burt and Vicky are mostly the prominent characters, another prominent character is Officer Hodgekiss, a mostly unknown police officer who's been dubbed "Blue Man" by Job, one of the main children. It's been a mystery on who this character is, and why was he so important to just be reduced to a footnote.

Deleted Scene

In 2011, from a blogpost called "Childrenofthecornmovie", published a blog about Blue Man and how there were more works of the character before being cut from the film, assuming that it was filmed instead of being promotional photos for the film.[1] One of the photo shown in the blog was Blue Man getting stabbed in the Gatlin police station by two of the kids. In the following year, 2012, COTCM gotten an interview with the actor who played Blue Man, Rich Kleinberg. Rich talked stuff on set and about the deleted scene. According to Rich, the director, Fritz Kiersc contacted Rich to tell him that the scene was cut due to runtime issues, quote:

I recieved a call from, I think his name was Fritz? - that my scene was cut from the movie unfortunately for time. I was very disappointed (Booo, there went my moment of fame).[2]


As of 2024, no footage of the deleted scene has resurfaced online. COTCM has petition that horror fans show Fritz, Anchor Bay, and others that this is sought after by film collectors and horror fans alike.

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