Christina Christian (partially found discography of American Idol contestant; 2003-2009)

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Christina Christian Hypnotized.jpeg

Promotional art for "Hypnotized", one of several original songs released by Christina Christian and the only song of hers to be released to radio

Status: Partially found

Christina Christian placed sixth on the first season of American Idol. According to a now-defunct, but archived, website about her, she signed with Epic Records sometime in 2003 and planned to release an album that same year.[1] The album was never released. It's title and track listing are both unknown.

The same archived website for Christian stated that her album was set to "be released [first] in Europe".[2]

In 2004, on a Results Episode of American Idol's third season, Christian performed an original song from her planned album. The song, titled "Forever or Never", was described in the press as a single, although there is no indication that the song was ever released commercially or to radio, and it is not believed that a studio version of the song was ever made publicly available.[3][4][5][6] The live performance from American Idol can still be seen on YouTube.[7]

A 2005 article by The Miami Herald reported that, at that time, Christian was still hoping to release her album. The article also stated that Christian had "written more than 40 songs". Only one of those songs was named in the article: "I'll Wait for Love", which the article stated was written by Christian for her 2004 wedding.[8]

In 2007, an original song by Christian, titled "Hypnotized", was uploaded to YouTube. The YouTube video includes promotional art describing "Hypnotized" as a single. The promotional art also states that "Hypnotized" was released by Slick Salt Entertainment and was "First played on WHYI (Miami)".[9] An archived page from and a thread on both back up the description of "Hypnotized" as a single and indicate that the song's initial release date was likely in 2007.[10][11] According to the York Dispatch-published blog Idol Chatter, "Hypnotized" was not released for sale.[12]

Christian once had several original songs available on her now-defunct MySpace page. The exact number of those songs is unknown, and it is unclear which, if any, of those songs may have been intended for her unreleased album. Although some of Christian's songs on MySpace may have been released around the same time as "Forever or Never" in 2004, the archived page from Idol Forums indicates that at least some of the songs were released as late at 2008.[10]

In 2020, a playlist was uploaded to YouTube of twelve original songs by Christian that were all saved from her MySpace page.[13] It is unknown whether this playlist includes all of the songs that were ever available on Christian's MySpace or if she had additional songs on her MySpace that are still lost.

Song List

The following songs were all saved from Christina Christian's MySpace page. It is unknown whether or not Christian ever released any additional original songs, aside from "Forever or Never", which was released exclusively as a live performance.

One of the following twelve songs, "Hypnotized", was released as a single, likely in 2007. Release dates for the other eleven songs in the list are unknown, but likely fall somewhere between 2003 and 2009.

# Song Title Status
1 High on Life Found
2 Every Time the Phone Rings Found
3 Dear Angels Found
4 Now That You're Gone Found
5 Hypnotized Found
6 Who We Trying to Fool Found
7 Sweet Surrender Found
8 I'll Wait for Love Found
9 Let Me Live Found
10 Addicted to Your Love Found
11 Sweet Alibi Found
12 Wrong Direction Found