Clarkson's Star Cars (partially found BBC One television series; 1993)

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Star Cars Logo.jpg

The title card for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Clarkson's Star Cars was Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson's first foray into independent television productions away from the main show he was presenter of. Produced by Terry Jarvis[1] and executively produced by Dennis Adams for BBC One, the basic premise of Star Cars was that it entailed Clarkson discussing cars made famous by television, such as Thunderbirds's FAB 1 and the Ford Capri used in The Professionals via the means of a clip show.


Originally, four episodes of Star Cars aired on BBC One in July and August of 1993. Each episode was approximately 10 minutes long, totaling in a series length of 40 minutes. The series was allegedly produced at a time when BBC original programming was scarce[2] and channel controller Michael Jackson searched for new programs to fill otherwise vacant timeslots, many of these being other clip shows.

The first episode is also stored in Getty's Analogue Archive.[3]

Episode Guide

Episode Airdate
1 21/07/1993[4]
2 28/07/1993[5]
3 04/08/1993[6]
4 11/08/1993[7]

Preservation Status

The series remains almost completely lost, with just a 1 minute excerpt being uploaded to YouTube in 2010 by user greenheart45, a fan of The Professionals. A year earlier, a small clip of one episode formed part of the BBC documentary The Car Show. Unlike its successors such as Motorworld and Car Years, Star Cars is not known to have ever aired on any channel after its original 1993 transmission on BBC One.


A clip from Clarkson's Star Cars.