Clone High School U.S.A. (lost unaired Fox pilot of "Clone High" adult animated series; 2001)

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Clone high pilot logo.jpeg

The series' early logo.

Status: Lost

Clone High is an adult animated series produced and owned by MTV. It initially ran for one 13-episode season from 2002–03 before being revived in 2023 with new seasons (still produced by MTV, but released on Max). The show mainly takes place at a high school of the same name run by the mad scientist Principal Scudworth, with teenage clones of various historical figures, with the main cast of the show being clones of Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Cleopatra and JFK. The series parodies other teen dramas that aired in the early 2000s, and some more modern ones.

Fox Pilot

In 2001, a pilot for the show was made and originally pitched to Fox; then titled Clone High School U.S.A..[1] Although the pilot was allegedly screened to a test audience, no footage of the pilot has resurfaced aside from a single screenshot (seen below in the gallery), with the only other images of the characters pilot designs coming from issues of Variety Magazine and Animation Magazine respectively.

In 2016, YouTuber RebelTaxi posted early concept art of the characters and the show's logo taken from the old MTV website onto his Tumblr page. The art style was noticeably very different compared to both the pilot and the final show.[2] As of 2023, no other information on the pilot is available.


Concept Art


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