Compu Movie (found Osamu Sato VHS content; 1994)

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Scan of the VHS cover.

Status: Found

Date found: 27 Apr 2024

Found by: The Osamu Sato Discord

Compu Movie (コンピュムービー) is a VHS video release made by Osamu Sato & produced by O.S.D. (Out Side Directors Company) and released by Tierrart (ティエラルト). Featuring of collection of music videos made using Amiga and Macintosh computers and music by Shinobu Narita, Osamu Sato, and The Sync (produced by Goh Hotoda). The VHS was available to purchase through the company only. Compu Movie was considered lost media for a long time as it had not surfaced in full on the internet.[1]


Osamu Sato (佐藤 理) is a Japanese digital artist, photographer, and composer. His first published work was the ambient music album Objectless (1983). His first work in the video game industry was Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou, which first released in Japan for Classic Mac OS in 1994, and in North America for Microsoft Windows the following year. In 1998, he produced and composed the music for the video game LSD: Dream Emulator on the PlayStation, which later became his most recognizable work outside of Japan.[2]


A printed advertisement for Compu Movie was discovered by Discord user "Chia", it contains a list of music videos featured in the tape:

  • Deme Kume Chame-Go
  • The Face
  • Astor Magic
  • Golden Flowers
  • Alphabetical Animals
  • I Love You

These video names can be tied to more findings, such as video clips from official sources:

Along with these video findings, various magazine interviews with Sato contain screenshots of Compu Movie:

  • QUIT v1 Interview - Various screenshots from each video, also the same screenshots that appear in the box cover.
  • WIRED (July 1994) - Screenshots from "Alphabetical Animals" & "I LOVE YOU".
  • Macintosh Designers Network (MdN / 1994) (Page 1) (Page 2) - Compu Movie article discussing inspiration, and a look into each video.


Due to its rarity and obscure purchase method, no previous auctions/listings of Compu Movie had been found. Sato was contacted regarding a copy of Compu Movie and stated he no longer has one on-hand.

On April 27 2024, the tape was uploaded to the internet thanks to a collaborative effort by the Osamu Sato Discord.[3]

The full tape and individual music videos were also uploaded to Youtube.