Felix the Cat (lost build of unreleased Famicom platformer; 1992)

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Felix the Cat Unreleased Japanese Version ad.jpg

Magazine ad for the game.

Status: Lost

Felix the Cat (フィリックス・ザ・キャット) is a 1992 NES and Game Boy game published and developed by Hudson Soft in North America and Europe. It is based on the cartoon of the same name. The player controls Felix as he sets out to defeat the evil Mad Professor who has kidnapped Felix's lovely girlfriend, Kitty.

Not much is known about the Japanese Famicom version of the game except that it was going to be originally released on December 18th, 1992 with a price of 5,800 yen, but it was canceled for unknown reasons.[1] Before 2024, no prototypes or other information for the Famicom version have surfaced, however there are texts intended for the Japanese version buried inside the NES release of the game.

On March 28th, 2024, Konami re-released the game digitally on Playstation and the Nintendo Switch for $24.99, which contains the original NES version, the Game Boy game, and a Japanese version that supposedly contains the unreleased Famicom version.[2] However, the re-release made several changes that apply to both the NES version and the supposed Famicom version. The unaltered Famicom release still remains lost.[3]


The Famicom version of Felix the Cat previewed in Hudson New Software Lineup 1992