Felix the Cat Styleguide (partially found licensing artwork from webpage; 1996-2001)

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Possible excerpt from the model sheet.

Status: Partially Found

Felix the Cat is a cartoon character, created during the silent era of film in 1919, by Paramount Pictures. His creator is often disputed but is most commonly attributed to Pat Sullivan. In 1959, Felix The Cat was turned into a made-for-television series of cartoons by Trans-Lux, after Otto Messmer (then and present owner of Felix) retired from making comic strips, and after he was approached by his assistant, Jon Oriolo, to make the character into a TV show.

Curiously, there appears to be a lost treasure trove of Felix the Cat production art first surfacing on its website back in 1996. The contents are mostly unknown, but are apparently "thousands of poses, model charts, and renderings."


While the actual site has yet to be leaked to the public, there have been trickles of images that are apparently part of the site, including what is apparently everything from the "soccer-themed style guide," assigned by art director Rod Ollerenshaw at Felix the Cat Productions. While there appears to be no way to contact him directly, he apparently works currently at Kubert School. There also appears to be, according to the entry page; sweatshirt, skateboarding, basketball, and a construction chart.

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