First Affair (partially lost unreleased untitled album from German euro-disco/synth-pop group; 1985)

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The members of the band, from the cover of the "Stay (Don't Hide Away)" 12" single.

Status: Partially Lost

First Affair was a German synth-pop/euro-disco group signed to Polydor Records. The members were Dirk Steffens, Knut Purwin, Peter Hoffmann and Peter Pollmann (singer). They released only two singles in 1985, a 12"/7" release of "Stay (Don't Hide Away)/Madonna," and "Blue Tears/Sad Eyes" on 7" only. (Both of the B sides were instrumentals of the A sides). The lyrics of both tracks were written by Danny Antonelli.

On September 9th, 2019, Peter Pollmann said they recorded a lot of songs for an album, however, it was shelved by Polydor.[1] A member on Discogs asked him to release the songs if he's able to without legal issues, but he has not responded.


The first single, "Stay (Don't Hide Away)."

The second single, "Blue Tears."