First Time Vape Shop Visit (lost Twitter cut of YouTube video by Scott Wozniak; 2016)

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Twitter Cut Vape.jpg

Apparently, the thumbnail of the lost YouTube video, First Time Vape Shop Visit - Twitter Cut. Provided by IanTEB of the Scott The Woz Wiki.

Status: Lost

First Time Vape Shop Visit - Twitter Cut[1] is a condensed YouTube/Twitter video of the YouTube video, 'FIRST TIME VAPE SHOP VISIT! - VLOG' to fit Twitter's video length limit according to the description.[2] The original video was a skit created by Scott Wozniak starring himself, Joe Robertson, Sam Essig, and Dominic Mattero. The skit followed a story about Wozniak and his cloud cousins going to vape.[3] On October 12, 2016 First Time Vape Shop Visit - Twitter Cut was posted to Scott's Stash, a YouTube channel showing behind the scenes footage of Scott The Woz episodes and other projects created by Scott Wozniak (The video was presumably posted to Twitter as well).[4]


IanTEB, admin of the Scott The Woz Wiki apparently recalls seeing the video and when asked by an anonymous user on said wiki about what happened in the video he states "Nothing different if I remember correctly"[5]

This claim seems to be correct as this version of the skit is described as "a condensed version of the vape shop vlog I made based on Twitter's time limit restriction" in the video's description, likely by Scott Wozniak himself,[6] so there wouldn't be any major differences between this version and the original.


On May 24, 2023, an Internet Archive user named Eoncats uploaded an archive of a very large variety of Scott the Woz-related media. Most of the Youtube videos archived in this archive were archived by Eoncats, who put the videos into a website called They did this with the Vape Shop Visit Twitter Cut video, and while they could not get the full video this way, they could get the associated metadata.