First Time Vape Shop Visit (lost Twitter cut of YouTube video by Scott Wozniak; 2016)

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Twitter Cut Vape.jpg

Apparently, the thumbnail of the lost YouTube video, First Time Vape Shop Visit - Twitter Cut. Provided by IanTEB of the Scott The Woz Wiki.

Status: Lost

"First Time Vape Shop Visit - Twitter Cut"[1] is the title of a shortened and condensed video of the YouTube video, 'FIRST TIME VAPE SHOP VISIT! - VLOG' to fit Twitter's video length limit[2]. The original video was a skit created by Scott Wozniak starring himself, Joe Robertson, Sam Essig, and Dominic Mattero. The skit followed a story about Wozniak and his cloud cousins going to vape[3]. On October 12th, 2016, "First Time Vape Shop Visit - Twitter Cut" was posted to Scott's Stash, a YouTube channel showing behind-the-scenes footage of Scott The Woz episodes and other projects created by Scott Wozniak (The video was presumably posted to Twitter as well).[4]


IanTEB, admin of the Scott The Woz Wiki apparently recalls seeing the video and when asked by an anonymous user on said wiki about what happened in the video he states: "Nothing different if I remember correctly"[5]

This claim seems to be correct as this version of the skit is described as "a condensed version of the vape shop vlog I made based on Twitter's time limit restriction" in the video's description, likely by Scott Wozniak himself[6] so there wouldn't be any major differences between this version and the original.


On May 24th, 2023, an Internet Archive user named Eoncats uploaded an archive of a very large variety of Scott the Woz-related media. They did this with the "Vape Shop Visit - Twitter Cut" video, and while they could not get the full video this way, they could get the associated metadata.

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