Got Milk? The Super Breakfast Auditions (found America's Milk Processor Board TV commercial; 2011-2013)

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Got Milk Talent Show Real Commercial Screenshot.png

A still from the actual commercial.

Status: Found

Date found: 30 Oct 2021

Found by: theok25

Around 2011-2013, the America's Milk Processor Board ran one of their many commercials with one in particular featuring a family having a talent show with different drinks to see what they should drink for breakfast. The commercial was unlike their other commercials as the commercial included CGI drink characters mixed with real people and setting as opposed to just real people like their other ads which didn't feature CGI except for the Super Mario 64 Got Milk? commercial. Another noteable thing about the commercial was that unlike their other commercials, this commercial was made with a Spanish audience in mind.

The commercial was brought up by a user named Pacsonic. He made a fairly inaccurate recreation on Scratch to give the idea of what the plot was and gave some more details in the project description.[1] He then uploaded a recording of the recreation to YouTube to try to get more attention there.[2] He also mentioned it on various discord servers including the Lost Media Wiki and r/tipofmytongue server as well as making a post on the r/tipofmytounge sub reddit,[3] as well as on the r/lostmedia subreddit too.[4] He also hoped that someone else who also remembers the commercial and is a good animator can make a better recreation.


On October 30th, 2021, YouTuber theok25 found a website containing an archive of commercials and they so happened to have had the commercial. He shared it to Pacsonic, who made the recreation and he posted it on YouTube. Minutes later, same person found an HD version with that also being posted to YouTube.


The commercial took place in a kitchen in the morning on a table and it starts off with a audition show logo that reads "El Súper Desayuno Audiciones" which translates to "The Super Breakfast Auditions". The first act was a characterized glass of orange juice wearing sleeves of a mexican outfit dancing while saying something about orange juice and ends with him saying lots of sugar which leads to the mother feeling iffy. The commercial then shows a characterized water bottle meditating while hovering over the ground and says that water's transparent when asked about what water haves which leads her also being iffy. It then shows a characterized milk carton walking up and instead of showing a talent, he just talks about how milk haves calcium and makes you strong in which the family applaud and he wins. The commercial ends with the family drinking milk on the table and the girl eating cereal in the background with the milk carton in the front happy and he tells the viewers that milk is the breakfast super food.

Comparison Between Reenactment

While Pacsonic correctly remembers the plot and premise, he admits to misremembering a good amount of details including the commercial taking place in the living room, the dark walls, and a couch. Some things that he did get partially right was the family drinking milk at the end except for the girl who eats cereal instead (assuming there's milk in the cereal). He also had no memory of what the drinks said besides what the milk carton said which was half accurate. He was also wrong about the commercial being in English as the actual commercial was in Spanish. One last thing he was wrong about the commercial was the fact that it was an audition for breakfast drinks and not a talent show showing their talents.


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