Guided by Voices (partially found Unreleased Albums; 1980s-1990s)

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Guided by Voices in the 1990s

Status: Partially Found

Guided by Voices are an American Indie Rock Band that formed in the early 1980s. They are lead by Prolific Singer-Songwriter and only constant member Robert Pollard and their sound is influenced by British-Invasion, Punk Rock, Garage Rock and Lo-fi Music. Since their first album in 1987, they have released over 30 official albums, and have had many unfinished, aborted or unreleased albums as well.


Guided by Voices performed in bars in the early eighties, but stopped to instead focus on making music in studio only. After several self-produced albums the group found finally had their breakthrough in the early nineties. Their albums were often recorded in the basement of one of the members houses.

The bands most famous line-up included singer-songwriter Robert Pollard, guitarist Mitch Mitchell, guitarist Tobin Sprout, bassist Greg Demos and drummer Kevin Fennell.


Several songs on their unreleased albums were re-recorded or re-worked for officially released albums, and several unfinished albums were re-worked into albums that would eventually be released. The group also have numerous compilations filled with unused out-takes.

"[Robert] used to put an album together and I'd say 'don't change a thing, this albums perfect the way it is...', Two weeks later Its got a different title, half the songs are gone, there's new songs on there, their rearranged, and I listened to it and I'm like, 'that's ten times better'. " - Trader Vic, Watch Me Jumpstart Documentary

Unreleased Albums

# Year Album Title Notes
1 1999 Human Amusements
2 1998 When I Go North
3 1997 Do The Collapse
4 1996 Under The Bushes Under The Stars (First Draft)
5 1995 The Flying Party Is Here!
6 1995 Mustard Man & Mother Monkey
7 1995 Power Of Suck Demos
8 1995 Original Power Of Suck
9 1995 The Flying Party Is Here (Version 1)
10 1995 The Flying Party Is Here (Version 2)
11 1995 The Power Of Suck
12 1994 Scalping The Guru
13 1993 All That Glue
14 1993 Bee Thousand
15 1993 Bee Thousand (Hardcore UFOs)
16 1993 Instructions to the Rusty Time Machine
17 1993 Instructions to the Rusty Time Machine 2LP
18 1992 Back To Saturn X EP
19 1992 The Corpse Like Sleep Of Stupidity
20 1991 Back To Saturn X
21 1989 Learning To Hunt (Version 2)
22 1988 Learning To Hunt (Version 1)
23 1985 Rifle Games
24 1984 "Pissing In The Canal"
25 Unknown Concert For Todd