ILoveEgg (partially lost Korean flash animated series; 2004-2010s)

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Logo and characters

Status: Partially Lost

iLoveEgg (아이러브에그) was a character franchise launched since 2004 by Korean educational and publishing company D&H Inc. The franchise had character products around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. The franchise began with the flash animated series, of which 23 episodes were produced.


In 2004, D&H Inc. launched its franchise, publishing flash animations on its official website[1], Yahoo! Kids[2], and Jr Naver[3]. Kid's Chosun Ilbo published an iLoveEgg comic strip made of clay, which ran for 218 episodes until 2008[4]. In the same year, the company signed merchandising agreements with Coolabi in the UK and Ephoenix in Taiwan, and began overseas expansion of the franchise[5]. An official website has also been launched in the United Kingdom[6][7]. The comic strip was published in book form in 2005, with Vol. 1 released on June 10 and Vol. 2 on December 12. In the same year D&H signed an agreement with TYE in the United Kingdom and TYC in the United States to release capsule toy danglers[5].

In 2006, a Chinese translation of the comic strip's book was published in Taiwan. Then came the expansion in Japan, with the signing of a capsule toy dangler release agreement with Tomy Yujin[5], and the airing of the animated series on the Cartoon Network Japan.

In 2007, he signed a merchandising agreement with TIGA of Thailand. On April 27, the company announced a partnership with MoffY, a Hong Kong-based digital content company[8][9]. In December, a Japanese version of the iLoveEgg theme song, "Egg Song," was released in Cartoon Network[10].

In 2008, D&H signed an MOU with entertainment company Wao World for a new project to expand iLoveEgg in Japan. Wao World became the exclusive distributor of the franchise in Japan, and the Japanese version of iLoveEgg was named "Love Tama." From October 10 of the same year to April 3, 2009, the Love Tama radio show aired on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

In 2009, iLoveEgg mobile VOD service was offered by Vodafone in Germany. In Japan, a wallpaper service was offered by NTT Docomo[5].

In 2010, D&H participated in the 2010 Shanghai Licensing Pavilion, held from October 12 to 14, 2010, in order to fully launch iLoveEgg in China. D&H character business division director Dong-joon Hur said "We attended the exhibition to find a good merchandising agent because we decided that it is necessary to approach China following the success of iLoveEgg overseas," "We have had meetings with a number of agents, and so far, we are positive.[11]"

In March 26, 2013, Henson Independent Properties (HIP), the third-party and consumer product banner of The Jim Henson Company, acquired the global rights to iLoveEgg outside Asia from D&H[12].


Since 2013, no news about iLoveEgg has been reported and no new projects for the franchise have been confirmed. The Yahoo! Kids and Jr Naver pages were taken down and even the official websites were removed, but they are still viewable today because they are stored in the Wayback Machine. The site existed in the saved history until 2017.


The flash files for the animated series can be obtained from the official website where they are stored or from other sites, but they are uploaded to YouTube or the Internet Archive, so it is quicker to watch them there. However, not all of the episodes have been uploaded, and episodes 15 through 23 are currently unavailable, as the files are not even available. Incidentally, footage of the badly filmed televised episode 16 has been uploaded to YouTube. As for Episode 19, it is not even clear what the story is about, and the official website is blank in the column where the episode is supposed to appear.


# Episode Title Status Note
1 Epilogue (에필로그) Found Is it a mistake of "Prologue"?
2 Soccer Game (축구경기) Found
3 Underwater (바다속) Found
4 Chase (추력) Found
Different two versions exist for Episode 4.
5 Snowman (눈사람) Found
6 Comfort your baby (아기 달래기) Found
7 Samurai (사무라이) Found
8 Playing Music (음악연주) Found
9 Motor Car Racing (지동차경주) Found
10 Circus (서커스) Found
11 Rambo (람보) Found
12 Firefighter (소방관) Found
13 Christmas (크리스마스) Found
14 Summer Vacation (여름휴가) Found
15 Halloween (할로윈) Lost
16 Cooking Contest (요리대회) Partially Found
17 Dolphin Show (돌고래쇼) Lost
18 U.F.O Lost
19 Unknown Lost
20 Lupin Egg (루팡에그) Lost
21 Magic Show (마술쇼) Lost
22 Egg Land (에그랜드) Lost
23 The Hare and the Tortoise (토끼와 거북이) Lost

Egg Song

The music video for the theme song "Egg Song" is readily available in Korean and English, but the Japanese version is currently lost.

Original Korean version

English version

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