K-12 (lost original 3-hour script of American horror film; 2016-2017)

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K twelve xlg.jpg

The film's theatrical release poster.

Status: Lost

K-12 is a 2019 American musical horror film written and directed by American singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez, released alongside her album of the same name. The film follows a young girl named Crybaby (played by Martinez) and her friend Angelita (played by Emma Harvey) being sent away to the "K-12 Sleep-Away School", where it is revealed the girls have supernatural abilities. The film was released in select theaters on September 5th, and internationally via YouTube on September 6th. Despite the 90-minute version being known as the only version, there was a script that called for nearly 332 minutes of film and dialogue that has yet to see the light of day.

Original Script

According to Martinez via Instagram Stories, the original draft of the film was cut in order to fit the budget of the film. In 2021, it was later revealed by a fan, who claimed to be in possession of the original script, that the script would’ve called for a nearly 5-hour cut of the film, with 332 pages.[1] The final version of the script ended up being 92 pages, cutting nearly 240 pages from the original script.

Unreleased Cut Rumor

When news of the original draft broke, there was a widely-spread rumor that the 332 page version was filmed, produced and edited. This theory is highly unlikely, as the script was cut while production hadn't even made it past the filming stage yet.[2]


It could be possible that the draft would leak soon, either from the person claiming to own a copy or from fans, as fans have a reputation for leaking unreleased material from Martinez.[3][4] However, since its discovery in 2021, the contents of the 332-page draft have yet to come out, so it's safe to say that this script will most likely never see the light of day.


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