Kitty Cats (partially found French-Canadian puppet TV series; 1991)

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Pacha et les chats.jpg

Still frame of Tango, a calico cat, and her younger brother Ricky, a tabby cat.

Status: Partially Found

Kitty Cats (also known as Pacha et les Chats) was a French-Canadian children's puppet show that was created by Kristine Rosen and originally aired on Radio-Canada in 1991 through 1994, although it could've aired all the way to 1995, for an estimated 196 episodes.

The show found success worldwide, receiving dubs in English, Spanish, and other languages. It revolved around teaching children ways to entertain themselves through the backyard adventures of a pair of house cats named Tango (Cali) and Ricky (César) along with a puppy named Charlie (Pacha) who lives in a shed by the house. Various other characters also made regular appearances, including a bird known as Flap (Igor) and a fox named Rosie.

This show should not be confused with the French dub of Hanna-Barbera's animated series Top Cat, which was localized as Le Pacha (exploiting the "chat" - French for cat - pun).


Despite its popularity, the show only received a 4-volume VHS release in English and French produced by PolyGram Video. Each 55-minute volume featured four episodes from the series, some of which have been uploaded to YouTube.

Volume 1 (Birthday Party)

# Episode Title (English/French) Status (English) Status (French)
1 Charlie's Restaurant/Le restaurant de Pacha Lost Lost
2 Ricky Doesn't Want to Grow Up/Cesar ne veut pas grandir Lost Lost
3 Flap's Birthday/L'anniversaire d'Igor Lost Lost
4 A Birthday With No Present/Un anniversaire sans cadeau Lost Lost

Volume 2 (Sharing)

# Episode Title (English/French) Status (English) Status (French)
1 The Chocolate Bunny/Le Lapin aux Chocolats Lost Found
2 Flap's Postcard/La Carte Postale d'Igor Lost Found
3 The Biggest Balloon in the World/Le Plus Gros Ballon du Monde Lost Found
4 Charlie and the Jar of Honey/Pacha et le Pot de Miel Lost Found

Volume 3 (Bedtime)

# Episode Title (English/French) Status (English) Status (French)
1 The Cuckoo/Unknown Found


2 It’s Tango’s Dream/Unknown Found


3 Not Bedtime Yet/Unknown Found


4 Ricky The Sleepwalker/Unknown Found


Volume 4 (Games)

# Episode Title (English/French) Status (English) Status (French)
1 Flap the Homing Pidgeon/Igor, le Pigeon Voyageur Lost Found
2 Chameleons/Les Caméléons Lost Found
3 Ricky's Rocket/La Fusée de César Lost Found
4 The Wounded Dinosaur/Le Dinosaure Blessé Lost Found


A few minutes of footage from an unknown episode.

The complete Bedtime VHS in French.

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