Magical Drop (lost Flash game based on "Magical Drop 2" arcade game; 2006)

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Title screen from the game.

Status: Lost

Magical Drop is a game series originally developed by Data East (now G-mode, or G-mode/Data East) adapted from a Russian game called Drop-Drop. It was successful enough to spawn numerous sequels and spin-offs and other merch, mostly released exclusively in Japan, with Magical Drop 3 being the most notable and successful game in the franchise. In 2006, A Flash game was developed by GungHo Online Entertainment in partnership with G-mode for GungHo ID users. [1] The Flash game, unlike Magical Drop DX which is a port of the Super Nintendo version of Magical Drop 2 (with elements of the first Magical Drop), is based on said version of the game and adapts a number of elements from that version.


Like all other games, players are pitted with coloured balloons dropping from the ceiling. Players must clear the balloons by stacking three or more of the same colour, creating frantic chain reactions in the process to either defeat your opponent or to go for a high-score. The game is over when the balloons go into the floor.

Playable Characters

The playable characters are the same as in the original version of Magical Drop DX and the later Magical Drop Touch. The characters also use their designs from Magical Drop 2 with slight changes.

  • Fool
  • Devil
  • Star
  • Chariot
  • Justice
  • World


In a very similar fate to Magical Drop DX and its variants, as a result of the game being exclusive to Japan for GungHo ID users only, it renders the game impossible to play. As of recent years, the game is very hard to find, and much like Magical Drop DX's variants, screenshots of the game exist in various Japanese sites. Footage of the game used to be available, but was removed off YouTube for unknown reasons. [2]


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