Metal Gear Solid II (lost deleted arsenal gear crash cutscene of action-adventure video game; 2001)

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Arsenal Gear Crash Model.jpg

The model.

Status: Lost

Metal Gear Solid II is a 2001 action-adventure-stealth video game known for being one of the best games of all time which received critical fan and critics acclaim and was also a massive commercial success. The game explored ideas of existentialism, and political conspiracies and is quite notorious for its odd real-world predictions[1].

While the game was eventually released on November 13th, 2001, it had undergone multiple changes before release due to the September 11th attacks that happened two months before its eventual release, thus causing multiple scenes to be removed from the game and its eventual release.


Searching through the files, there are two deleted cutscenes, one of them showing real footage of the New York Stock Exchange while Raiden and Anne talked about the effect of an EMP attack that would’ve shut down. People and fans alike didn’t know the reason why the scene was there or why it had been deleted, but it’s believed that it was deleted due to the similarities of the 9/11 attacks which happened two months before the game’s release. The theory was later backed up because of another cutscene, this time being a news report about the Statue of Liberty washing up on Ellis Island after it was removed on Liberty Island.

When looking into the script, you could find the reason why The Statue of Liberty washed up on Ellis Island because of the Arsenal Gear crashing into Manhattan taking out everything including The Statue of Liberty with it[2], though the scene has never been recovered for 20 years after its original release, and has still not seen the light of day. The Arsenal Gear Crash scene was removed because of its eerie resemblance to the 9/11 attacks.


The only availability we have is the script and a model of the Arsenal Gear crash scene[3], which was in the very rare documents of Metal Gear Solid II discs which was combined with the European Versions’ release. it allows you to see every model of the game including the Arsenal Gear Crash Scene Model that wasn't on the original game.

As of December 2023, the scene has not resurfaced and has been very unlikely to do so.


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