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Screenshot residue of a MiniEgo room.

Status: Partially Lost was an online multiplayer community platform owned by Studiocom with the projects of Mauricio Ruiz, and known volunteers feature graphic designer Camilo Suarez, as well as Jose Zagal and cosiánfiro. A major factor of the website's increase in popularity was due to the fact that in December 2008, MiniEgo announced the partnership with Paws, Inc. to endorse a Garfield updateadding characters Jon Arbuckle, Garfield, Odie and Arlene from the Garfield franchise which players could use Garfield custom props on their characters' clothes, interact with the characters, and even print Garfield papercrafts;[1] the next month, featured the MiniEgo Garfield commercial on it's main page.

Prior to circa ~2007, MiniEgo only existed in the form of a beta demo in development not explicitly usable online. The release of the website is justified by the positive experiences of the children of programmers and Studiocom employees who played on the demos. Concretization and programming development begins as early as 2004. The idea first came to Mauricio's mind in 2003 as stated on his website.[2]

Found Media Residue

Video residue uploaded by tajoman on June 26th, 2007.

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