Mirmo Zibang! (partially found Singaporean English dub of anime series; 2004)

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Series key art.

Status: Partially Found

Mirmo Zibang! is an anime adaptation of Hiromu Shinozuka's manga series of the same name. Produced by Studio Hibari, the show ran for 172 episodes between April 2002 and September 2005 on TV Tokyo in Japan.


The plot of Mirmo Zibang! follows schoolgirl Kaede Minami. One day she purchases a mug from a shop and while she is pouring hot chocolate in the mug, she makes a wish. A fairy named Mirmo comes out of the mug.[1]

Name Changes

In the Singapore-produced English dub of the first season, Kaede's name was changed to "Katie" and Setsu's name to "Dylan". These changes were not carried over to the Hong Kong-produced English dub of the second season.


An English dub of the first season began airing in Singapore on Kids Central in 2004 and later on Cartoon Network Philippines.[2][3] It was recorded locally at Voiceovers Unlimited and starred Emily Williams, Dwayne Tan, Natasha Malinsky, Chio Su-Ping, Chuck Powers, Brian Zimmerman and Cindy Creekmore.[4][5] The dub was produced for MediaLink, who represents the series in Asia (outside Japan).[6]

The second season began airing in Singapore on Kids Central in 2011. Not much is known about this dub that aired.

VCDs of the dub were released in Singapore by Poh Kim Video; with the first season in two-episode volumes around 2004-2006 and the second in four boxsets around 2007. Lost Media Wiki user natural_hype has purchased the second season and has uploaded it online alongside episodes 45 and 46 of the first season. The rest of the first season, however, remains lost.


  • Emily Williams - Mirmo
  • Chuck Powers - Kyle, Ichiro
  • Brian Zimmerman - Yatch,King Marumo
  • Chio Su-Ping - Rima
  • Cindy Creekmore - Azumi, Etsumi, Gabin
  • Natasha Malinsky - Katie, Mirmo, Murumo, Queen Sara
  • Dwayne Tan - Dylan,Sasuke, Peter, Jirou, Shirou
  • Trevor Devall - Daijin, Saburo[7][8]