Mise (partially found early manga by Kazutoshi Soyama; date unknown)

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Mise some one scene.jpg

A scene from a part of manga.

Status: Partially Found

Mise (店, translation "The Store") is an early manga by Kazutoshi Soyama, the creator of Zettai Zetsumei: Dangerous Jīsan (絶体絶命でんぢゃらすじーさん, North American title: Grandpa Danger). The design of the manga's main character, the shopkeeper, was the prototype for the current Dangerous Jīsan's main character, Jīsan.


The existence of manga was first revealed in 2005 in the book Soyama Kazutoshi Short Collection: Soyamatsuri[1] (曽山一寿短編集 そやまつり), a collection of early short manga by Kazutoshi Soyama.

The content of the manga was "a story about a store selling love and friendship," but Soyama was afraid to submit it to the editor due to the boring nature of the story and sealed it in his desk as it was. The short collection did not disclose all of the content, but only some scenes from the manga on the back cover of the book.
The manga's main character, the shopkeeper is designed as a vertical extension of the current Jīsan face, with a "Store" at the end of the spoken word.


All of manga's story remains unavailable to this day. The creator Soyama himself considers the story so boring that it is highly unlikely that it will ever be made available.



  • Grandpa Danger is the title of the North American adaptation of the Zettai Zetsumei: Dangerous Jīsan TV series, licensed to Viz Media[2]. However, the series never aired in North America, and it remains unclear if an English dub was ever produced.