Motorstorm Apocalypse (found E3 2010 beta build of 3D racing game; 2010)

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The build's XMB icon on PS3.

Status: Found

Date found: 5 Jul 2017

Found by: Paulweeze71 (Obscure Gamers)

Motorstorm Apocalypse is a pre-alpha showcase demo of the then-upcoming PS3 game Motorstorm Apocalypse, developed by Evolution Studios, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2011.

This demo was first showcased at E3 2010, only for it to remain lost until its resurgence in 2017-2020.


This E3 2010 Demo features a single track that consists of a mixture of the Rookie and Pro's Exodus tracks, in the final game's Festival Mode. The player must race from point-to-point in an attempt to make the best time possible on the leaderboard while evading the collapsing environment surrounding them, and overtaking other racers. There is only one playable vehicle, which is the Ozutsu Blacksun J-GT supercar.


This specific build was seen for the first time at E3 2010, where visitors could play this demo that was running on a PS3 Debug/Devkit. However, after E3 2010 ended, this build was considered lost. For years, the only proof of existence of this build was a video uploaded to YouTube on June 17th 2010 by user RajmanGaming HD. In 2017, this build was finally discovered by user Paulweeze71, from a preservation group called Obscure Gamers, and was made available to the public for the first time in a release by the same group, on August 4th, 2020.


The build recovered in 2017 is virtually the same as the one on Rajman Gaming HD's YouTube video. However, there are some slight differences that indicate that the recovered build and the build on the YouTube video aren't 100% the same. For example, the player car livery is different, the directional arrows on walls are different colors, and there appears to be a yellowish filter in the YouTube video version. These changes seem to indicate that the original E3 2010 build was slightly edited for usage in the later 2010 Gamescom event, but was dropped and left as-is in favor of a second build with a different track. The main giveaway is the fact that the supercar has the same livery in both builds. Nevertheless, the recovered build is still 99,9% the same as the original YouTube version, and is the only version that was recovered.


The only proof of existence of this build for years.

Gameplay of the recovered build.