Nessie (partially found cancelled sci-fi film collaboration between Hammer and Toho; 1976-1979)

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A promotional Nessie poster.

Status: Partially Found

Nessie was a cancelled sci-fi movie that would have been a collaboration between Hammer Film Productions, a horror movie giant, and Toho, famous for creating Godzilla. The film was being directed by Bryan Forbes as well as Michael Anderson and written by Forbes. The special effects were going to be made by Teruyoshi Nakano, the same man who made the effects for the Godzilla films during the 70s.[1] The movie was cancelled due to the financial troubles Hammer was experiencing during the time and the competition with Jaws and the 1976 remake of King Kong. The only materials known to exist from the film are a script and storyboards, both of which are currently lost. The only excerpt that has been found from the original script is the following:

I have to tell you that we have irrefutable evidence that not only does the Loch Ness Monster exist, it is at present at large on the high seas.[2]


The plot of the film would stretch from England to Japan and would feature Japanese actors. The story would start with the Loch Ness Monster growing after being exposed to a toxic chemical called "Mutane 4". Nessie would then attack a northern sea oil rig and a hovercraft. The military attempt to fight Nessie off of Gibraltar and by launching a submarine destroyer, but both attempts would fail. Nessie would finally be killed in the Sunda Strait. Additionally, there would have been a treasure hunt and an underwater city involved, however not much is known about what this would lead to.


In 2010, an unproduced movie's script resurfaced on the now-defunct mypdfscripts.[3] While the title that was given is different, the synopsis and year fit what is known about the film.