Pick of Destiny Drumkit (lost promotional Flash game for "Tenacious D" movie; 2006)

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Pick of destiny flash game.jpg

Screenshot of the gameplay.

Status: Lost

Pick of Destiny Drumkit is a lost Flash game created to promote the UK release of the movie, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. In November 2006, New Line Cinema created the website tenaciousduk.com which includes the flash game and a drumkit screen.

Previously, Epic Records and Sony BMG had released a Flash game called Tenacious D: Devil May Fry, produced by Method Solutions which was made to promote the film's soundtrack, and the band's second album, The Pick of Destiny, and was available at tenaciousd.com. This flash game has since been uploaded to third-party flash websites and is preserved. The game is very similar to the game Guitar Hero.

Unfortunately, the developer of the drum Flash game that appeared on tenaciousduk.com remains unknown. The game involved a menu similar to Simon, though it is ultimately unknown what purpose this served. The player would then hit the various drums to the vision cues shown on the screen.

A YouTube video uploaded by user GHshedder in January 2009 shows the playthrough[1]. The player had three lives, and the song played was POD, from The Pick of Destiny album.


In April 2009, the Internet Archive captured the final screenshot of tenaciousduk.com[2]. Unfortunately, the .SWF file has not been archived, meaning that unless New Line Cinema or the developer re-discover the files, this Flash game is lost to time.


Gameplay footage for the game.(2:42 - 3:30)