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PinkCrows logo.jpg

Title card to the music video.

Status: Lost

Pink Crows (Japanese: ピンク・クロウズ) was a cartoon band, produced as a side project of the artist duo NOBODY. They released three singles in 1985, and later ended that same year. The story behind the fictional band is that they are “a pop group of aliens who came to the earth from far away stars called pop gear.” Their 3rd single Suddenly Want You! was also adopted as the theme song for the anime series Shōwa Ahozōshi Akanuke Ichiban!.

Possible Inspiration/Origin

七色のパドル (Nanairo no Padoru) is a song that was composed by NOBODY and released in January 1985; pre-dating the release of all Pink Crows media. It was sung by Matsuda Seiko. According to a YouTube video that has since been removed by the uploader, one of the members of NOBODY performed a brief demo to demonstrate the melody of the song to Matsuda. As deduced by twitter user RavenWorks, the pitch of the demo was probably increased so that the melody would be easier for Matsuda to grasp. As noted in a comment by YouTube user diolead, the increased pitch of the demo makes it sound similar to Pink Crows. It is possible that the creation of this demo is what inspired NOBODY to create Pink Crows. Before it was removed, the video's title, caption, and dialogue were translated by Carley G.

Title: NOBODY/ Nanairo no Paddle (The Seven-colored Paddle) - Side by Side Comparison
Caption: From an AM Radio Show

“She’s engaged, isn’t she? The person we’re talking about is Matsuda Seiko, and the title of her new song is ‘Nanairo no Paddle.’ Paddle? I didn’t understand the word for a moment, haha. But let’s listen, shall we?”

(NOBODY demo)
Spring has come, I tell you, hold me tight
I will make your dreams come true
Spring has come, I tell you, hold me tight
I will give my love to you

Hurry up and turn around, that’s my sweet telepathy
窓の外は spring rain 虹を伝って
Outside the window is spring rain, over the rainbow
雨上がりの道 傘をほうりだし
On the road after the rain, you toss your umbrella away
And grab the paddle that suddenly appeared

“I see, there’s the paddle.”

The Music Video

It was initially thought that there was only one music video of the band in existence, which was for the song 彼女はPinkish from the band's second single. It was later discovered that this was actually the band's second music video, however; following the translation of an article about the band that was featured in Anime V magazine. The available evidence suggests that the first music video (which was possibly for, "Here Come Pink Crows", from the first single) was released by the end of April 1985, whereas the music video for 彼女はPinkish was released by the end of June 1985.

According to the Japanese Wikipedia article for the band, animation company Sunrise was involved in animation production, and an article about them in My Anime magazine's April 1985 issue shows many images that are believed to be taken from a promotional video of the band.

After searching through the tweet history of user STAR_ZANS (who was the first to point out the My Anime article), both the manager of the band and the director of the film has been discovered. The manager of Pink Crows was Mr. Terumi Yoshida, and the director of the film was Mr. Takeji Yamana.

Possible Airings

So far, two Japanese social media posts have been found that discuss a music video for the band Pink Crows; both of them say that they saw it airing on the Japanese music video TV program "Music Tomato".[1]




[Google translation]

"Pink Crows "(song title unknown)"

full-length animation, pink rockabilly sing crow at 3 birds, voice real voice unknown and it takes effect to be on one octave

was just What is it, what is it is, it is not a pink cloud



タイトルは、「She’s my pinkish」だったと思います。





[Google translation]

About 22 years ago, please tell me about the song that was being broadcast on the program "Music Tomato Japan". Both the title and singer's name are confident in memory, but even if you search on the net, it does not come out.

I think that the singer's name (band name) was "Pink Crows"

and the title was "She's my pinkish".

I think that it has nothing to do with "pink cloud" of char ... · · ·.

The video was all anime, and the crows were singing together bands.

If you are familiar with us, could you tell me?

Thank you.

This last one seems to confirm that the music video is for the song "彼女はPinkish", from their second single.

Magazine Appearances

Pink Crows was covered in several anime magazines that were in circulation at the time. The magazine that covered the band's activities most comprehensively and consistently by far was My Anime, which was probably struggling financially for much of 1985, and was discontinued in 1986. Pink Crows was never featured in anime magazines "OUT", "Animec", or "Fanroad". Animage magazine had the strange distinction of featuring an advertisement for Pink Crows in their March 1985 issue; early in the band's lifespan, but never featured the band again afterwards.
In addition, an advertisement for various records that included Here Come Pink Crows was published in the April 1985 issues of Animedia, My Anime, and The Anime (ジ・アニメ). This was also the only time Pink Crows was featured in The Anime magazine (see gallery).

  • My Anime magazine, April-October 1985: A two-page spread discussing the music video and the band was included in the April 1985 issue of My Anime. This has been scanned. A complete translation of this article has been performed by Carley G. In addition to the translated text being included here, the translated scan is included in the gallery.

Invasion by a Band from Another Planet?! The Shocking Debut of the Pink Crows!

Pink text, plain background; right page: In the music world, an unbelievable event has taken place. A band from another planet has debuted. They’re called the Pink Crows, and it seems as though they will be continuing their activities here on Earth. But what will their appearance mean for the world music scene?

Black text, plain background; right page: There’s a new artist that threatens to change the face of music in Japan--no, the world--as we know it. Straight out of Azabu, it’s Studio Fontane’s newest group to audition…

During the time this rumor was spreading, all of us were pretty doubtful, and half of us didn’t believe it at all. The idea that such an amazing group could exist was out of this world, and we wondered if our information network had gotten something wrong.

However, our doubts were shaken as on that fateful day, we watched people crowd into the concert hall with a crazed excitement in their eyes.

And then…

They arrived in a spaceship. In Earth terms, you could say these alien’s true forms resemble birds. And so, the Pink Crows--that was the name they gave--began their performance.

We were nervous, not knowing what to expect when the music started. But the four-member band from another planet brought us something we didn’t expect--nostalgia.

Yes, sounding so much like the Beatles, but with an ultra-modern arrangement, it was something we could have never predicted.

The concert hall swirled with sudden excitement, and the debut concert of the Pink Crows began in earnest. Something I discovered after covering the event, was that the Pink Crows had tried to make contact with Earth in the past, sending messages through computers and in the spaces between television broadcasts.

The audience which had gathered that day had heard these messages and had instantly become fans. The rumor that the face of the music industry would be changed had become fact. But how exactly will it change? Readers, that thrilling mystery is for us to watch and see.

Yellow box:

Profile of Mr. Terumi Yoshida

Mr. Yoshida is a broadcaster specializing in pop culture. Currently, he works on the nightly radio program “Terumi Yoshida’s Sparkling Show.”

I had the chance to speak to the Pink Crow’s manager, Mr. Terumi Yoshida.

“Starting in September of last year, occasionally when I would take calls from listeners on the show, I would hear this incredibly grating noise through the telephone. If I listened really closely, I could hear the words ‘Pink Crows.’ I thought, what the heck does that mean?

Then, soon after that, I received a musical intro from them (without knowing their true forms, of course) which was just incredible. They had amazing talent.

It seemed like they had been keeping an eye on me for a while, given that they reached out. Having an announcer as a manager, that was unheard of. I’m sure they could see the merit in that.

I could also see that they had unparalleled individuality. They seemed like the type that wouldn’t cause me any trouble or double-cross me (😉), they were sincere. Also, realizing that I would get a cut off the profits (😉) I decided to take on being their manager.

Their songs were easy to vibe to, it wasn’t like they wouldn’t sell. It was obvious that they’d be stars. I created my own company to manage their talent, ‘Yoshida Enterprises,’ and the problem now do we foster this stardom that’s going to just keep growing and growing?

Currently, I’m promoting the Pink Crows’ upcoming events and fan club info on the Sparkling Show (Tuesday, 10:20 PM), so please give it a listen. Rock on!

Green & white text, black background; left page: Follow-up Report - Serial #1

Big pink text, pink background; left page: A Space-Age Music Video?

Photo Captions

Blue text, left page; furthest right: The Pink Crows arrive on Earth in their spaceship. Where were they headed? The audition!

Blue text, left page; furthest left: The Members of the Pink Crows relaxing on Pop Gear

Blue text, left page, furthest down; outside blue box: As the concert began, the venue was hyped up. In the middle, a fan holds out a bouquet♡

Black text, pink background; left page: The Pink Crows music video is complete! This, unlike their debut concert, allows the fans to see footage of their home planet--footage that the members shot themselves! With the background scenery of the planet AE35 Pop Gear, we see them playing the game ‘Hide and go Human.’ The director of the video is Eiji Yamana (pictured below.)

Blue box:

Profile of Mr. Eiji Yamana

Serving as Assistant Director to Nobuhiko Obayashi, Mr. Yamana has worked on countless commercials, now starting to produce independently. He is also in the process of directing the documentary ‘Good Boy: Summer’s Rabbit,’ out soon.

The director of the music video, Mr. Eiji Yamana, has produced a number of commercials featuring big stars, such as Michael Jackson (for the Suzuki Love Scooter), Hara Tatsunori (for Iris Eyedrops), Kenji Sawada (for the VHD), and Tomoyo Harada (for Shiseido Ekubo.)

“But the Pink Crows, they’re the biggest stars out there,” Mr. Yamana said when discussing the out-of-this-world band. “A guy I know at my favorite computer shop--let’s call him ‘N,’--he told me all about the Pink Crows.

N analyzed the band’s message and was able to contact their manager and AP, letting them know that if the group wanted to begin their activities on Earth, the audition on January 28th would be the perfect starting point.

When I heard that, the staff and I went to the concert hall to keep watch, see if they would show up. When they did, I thought ‘Damn, we finally get to meet.’ It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, it was like we had known each other for years.

For this video, I included some footage from that time, along with some footage provided by the AP, editing it all together documentary-style. That’s how I think of it.

At present, they are participating in all the same activities a normal Earth-band would. But from here on out, I want them to do things that only they can do--things like transporting me to their world, their dimension, so I can film it in person. I’d love to try that.”

Pink Crows features that were in the May, June, July, August, September, October, and 10/20 October 1985 issues of My Anime have also been scanned (see gallery). Of these, the May, June, July, August, September, and October features have been translated by Carley G. The translated text for the May feature is as follows (a translated scan is also included in the gallery):

White & yellow text, dark green background; right page: Follow-up Report Serial #2

Main Subtitle: Hustle and Bustle: The Pink Crows Making Noise in the Studio

Album Cover Subtitle: From the jacket of the second single, releasing April 21

On February 27, we went to the Warner Pioneer Roppongi Studios to listen to the Pink Crows, whose shocking debut with ‘Kanojo wa Pinkish’ made headlines in last month’s episode. This was the first time, however, that we were truly introduced to each member of the popular group.

Allow us to introduce them to you, the readers. Turn your attention to the photo--from the left, we have Jo-Jo on guitar, Lindon on drums, Rupo on bass, and G-Jo on the keyboard.(The Earthling in the background is Mr. Tadafumi Seki, the director of record company Warner Pioneer.)

When we visited, the group was working on mixing down a track: taking one of their performances from a 24-track 2-inch tape and transferring it to a ¼ tape, or 2-track.

In record production, a 24-track tape is used when originally creating a piece of music, with instrumental performances recorded first with one microphone per instrument--and each are recorded separately.

In front of G-Jo, you see a multi-recorder, used to make the 2-inch tape.

Of course, they aren’t just dubbing the track.

In front of Rupo, the massive console is where each machine is connected, and each knob is called an equalizer.

Each equalizer is used to change the sound quality and adjust the sound of each track to the best possible condition before dubbing (or mixing) the completed track to a ¼ tape.

The console in this studio is a state-of-the-art machine called a Solid State Logic (or SSL), but to the Pink Crows who come from a civilization far more advanced than Earth’s, it looks like a child’s toy at best. We were shocked by how easily they could operate it, all while acted as excited as they could be.

Purple Headline: Recording Director R・D Kenji Kisaki Talks about the Pink Crows’ Sound

Born August 21, 1946.
His first work as a recording director was ‘Blue Shirt’ by Kiyoko Ito. Since then, he has worked with such popular artists as Kenji Sawada, Kumiko Yamashita, Yoshiyuki Osawa and Koji Kikkawa.

I think the underlying tone of their music is ‘nostalgia.’

They told me that the first time they ever heard The Beatles play, they felt a strange sense of nostalgia, and that’s how they became so interested in the Earth. Of course, their music isn’t ONLY nostalgic--it’s fast, it’s electronic, it’s processed.

As a recording director, my job is to bring out the potential of the musicians as much as I can. But with the Pink Crows, they almost had too MUCH potential, so it's been a huge challenge.

For example, we had to figure out what voice they should record with, since they’re capable of doing so many different voices with ease. In the end, we leaned towards voices that sounded more feminine to men and more masculine to women.

In that way, they are idols that transcend gender.

Honestly, I think their fans will be young people who have a certain sensibility. I don’t know if older adults will be able to accept them the same way.

To be more precise, the Pink Crows make music that transcends traditional Japanese music. It contains all those feelings, those feelings they’ve dealt with since coming to Earth: feelings of embarrassment, feelings of kindness. Note: A Beatles item has been loaded onto a rocket to send back to Pop Gear, their home planet.

Yellow: Fan Club Open!
The Pink Crows fan club, called the PCC (Pink Crows Communication) is now open! By joining, you’ll get a membership card, a fan newsletter, special offers on PC goods and discounts on upcoming events!

All you need to do is send your name, address and age along with the admission fee of 1,000 yen and the first year’s membership fee of 1,000 yen (total 2,000 yen) by registered mail to the following address.

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 7-4-1 Smiley Building 6F, PCC Office

Blue letters on green background: Sweatshirt Giveaway
Happy news from the PCC! We will be giving away the pictured Pink Crows sweatshirt to three lucky winners! See page 124 for more details.

The part of page 124 of the May 1985 issue of MyAnime that was relevant to the Pink Crows sweatshirt giveaway has also been scanned, and has been translated by Carley G. (see gallery). Carley G's translation of the June feature is as follows (a translated scan is also included in the gallery)

White & yellow text, black background; right page: Follow-up Report Serial #3
Yellow Heading: Filming in different dimensions?! The 2nd Pink Crows PV is complete!
Main Article, Page 1:
The second Pink Crows PV has wrapped filming.

Due to the shock of an alien band getting a major debut, the groups first music video had more of a documentary feel. This time, the PV for their song ‘Kanojo wa Pinkish’ is much more easygoing and rhythmic in nature.

Previously, the Pink Crows had admitted to simply mimicking the movements of Earthling artists. This time, they’re showing off more of their own unique moves.

They wonder if this release will be enough for the people of Earth to accept them. But it’s likely that the appearance of a certain Earth-girl in the video will be the talk of the town.

Filming took place on April 2, at the Tokyo Bild Studio. According to one theory, the Pink Crows used their psychic powers to connect the studio to another dimension before starting the cameras.

Truthfully, it does seem far too fantastically beautiful to have been shot on just another set. Looking at the pictures, what do the readers think?

It seems that we’ve taken yet another step into the Pink Crows’ world with this video.

Blue Text:
The Future is in the World’s Hands! PV Director: A Chat with Ikeda Takami

Black Text beneath Pink ‘Profile Header’:
Born July 9, 1956. Joined Watanabe Productions in 1976. Since 1981, he’s been a commercial director, after working his way up as a producer. Now, he’s entered the world of promotional videos.

Second Page Main Text:
The thing I struggled with the most when creating this video was how to bring out each of the four member’s personalities.

They also don’t speak any languages from Earth, so I had to figure out how to have them express themselves through movement alone. Eventually, I just let them move freely on their own, which I think made for a really laid back feel.

Though I will say, I really struggled with the costumes. They can’t wear long sleeves and they have bigger bottoms, so…

The stylist, Ms. Mariko Enami, told them ‘I’d like for you to shape up.’

Working with them was just a blast. They’re genuinely just a fun group, that’s how I felt.

I’m also the kind of person who’s always learning new things. I’ve been watching and studying Prince music videos lately--I think ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ has such a great feel.

The Pink Crows are the kind of people who not only try anything we suggest, but they can do everything we ask. That makes it a huge pleasure to work with them.

I hope that they keep selling more and more. I think over time, they will become a huge deal in the worldwide music industry.

Blue Header in Pink Box:
The Pink Crows Get Their Commercial Debut!

Beneath top image:
This PV’s Poster Girl is Shinohara Emi!

Beneath bottom image:
The Pink Crows track ‘Kanojo wa Pinkish’ will be used in a new radio commercial for Ajinomoto’s soft drink Terra! The commercial will begin airing at the beginning of May on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting.

Carley G's translation of the July feature is as follows (a translated scan is also included in the gallery):

White & green text, gold background; right page: Follow-up Report Serial #4
Blue Subtitle: The Pink Crows on a Nice Vacation in Hawaii with a Gorgeous Songstress
Main Article:
In the six months following their debut, the Pink Crows have become superstars.

Much like other celebrities, they have one huge problem--not enough time to relax.

The group is much physically stronger than Earthlings, and although they aren’t too tired from their hard schedule, they’ve still been desperate to visit other places outside of Japan.

Their wish finally came true, and in late April, they travelled to Hawaii.

Staying in a hotel near Waikiki Beach, they spent their relaxing holiday swimming, shopping at the Ala Moana Center, and discovering plenty of unique Hawaiian bands.

But the most exciting part of the trip was a date with up-and-coming singer Mikako Hashimoto, also from Warner Pioneer records.

When the four heard that Mikako would be coming to Hawaii, they immediately ambushed her while she was cycling--truly a pushy rendezvous.

Though Mikako was puzzled at first, she became more and more comfortable with the cheery musicians as time went on, and at the end of their date she couldn’t stop herself from laughing out loud. (Charlie Kamehameha, Hawaii Correspondent)

From Mikako to Pink Crows

--What was your first impression of the Pink Crows?

Mikako: I was surprised at first, but they really are a fun group to be around.

--Had you heard about them prior?

Mikako: Sure. We’re represented by the same company. When I heard the label was taking on an alien group, I thought ‘Hooray!’

--Why ‘hooray?’

Well, because I have so many wishes I want to come true, you know?

--Ah, I’m not sure what you mean...

Mikako: (Whispering exaggeratedly) I wonder if I can only have three wishes. Or if I ask for three, will I disappear, or will my soul be snatched...

---Um, the Pink Crows aren’t Gods or Devils or Genies...

Mikako: But, they have psychic powers, right?


Mikako: I’m going to wish with all my might.

--What will you wish for?

Mikako: Well, first, I’ll wish for a big hit song, and that I’ll find the perfect boyfriend...

--I think that even if you don’t ask the Pink Crows for those things, they’ll still come true.

Mikako: Also, I’d love to go to space.

--Well, I’m sure they could make that happen someday.

Mikako: Really? That would be wonderful.

From Pink Crows to Mikako

--What was your first impression of Mikako Hashimoto?

Jo-Jo: Cute!

G-Jo: Gorgeous!

Rupo: Lovely!

Lindon: Delicious!

--What about her is so attractive?

(They suddenly began speaking in their own language. The four started praising her charm all at once, very quickly, and it was too difficult to translate. Apologies.)

Pink Text:
Hashimoto Mikako’s Profile

Black Text:
Real Name: Sugimoto Ayumi
Birthday: March 22, 1970
Height: 160cm
Weight: 46kg
Bust: 81cm Waist: 59cm Hips: 84cm
Hometown: Osaka
She made her debut with the song ‘Mellow Season,’ released on March 22, 1985. Her second single, ‘Aoi Tokimeki’ will be released on June 12, and is the song for the ‘Michelle’ TV commercial. In addition, her first album (title unknown) will be released on July 25.
CF/ ‘Mellow Yellow’ (Coca-Cola), ‘Michelle’ (Lion)
Affiliation: Sun Music Production

Pink Subtitle on left:
Pink Crows, Terumi Yoshida Make TV Appearance!
June 26, 12:45am, ‘Song an’ Night” (TBS)

Yellow Bubble Text:
Pink Crows Manager Terumi Yoshida’s Solo Event

On May 12, ‘Yoshida Terumi’s Business Card Exchange’ was held at Sumitomo Triangle Plaza in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Given that Mr. Yoshida acts as an independent broadcaster from Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, his event was one with a certain ulterior motive in mind--getting his hands on a cute fangirl.

The Pink Crows, led by Mr. Yoshida, were in attendance at the event, which was a huge success.

(Is the manager supposed to be as popular as the stars?!)

Caption on photo:
A Pink Crows holiday scene, drawn by Yoshiaki Kashiwazaki, the artist who painted both Pink Crows’ record covers.

Text on the album, upper left on main photo:
The jacket of Mikako’s second single ‘Aoi Tokimeki’ (releasing June 12)

Carley G's translation of the August feature is as follows (a translated scan is also included in the gallery):

White & yellow text, black background; right page: Follow Up Report Serial #5
Maroon Subtitle: It’s More Interesting to VISIT the Studio! The Pink Crows on their 2nd TV Appearance
Main Article:
The Pink Crows have made their second television appearance.

The group appeared on TBS’s ‘An Night,’ with the episode airing on July 3.

For those watching, the group sang two of their popular tracks, ‘Here Come Pink Crows’ and ‘Kanojo wa Pinkish,’ while leaving the interview portion to their manager Mr. Yoshida Terumi, who rarely appeared on screen.

So what were the Pink Crows up to while their manager was busy? Taking a studio tour! They were curious about the rather primitive (?!) Earth TV technology, and as soon as they arrived, they began rummaging around, taking photos and moving equipment. At the end of the day, the staff had to stop the group from making an unauthorized ‘expedition’ to another studio.

Their curiosity didn’t cease after the cameras stopped rolling, and although they agreed to stop taking photos, they were eager to ‘study’ the details of their concert production. In this follow-up report, I’m changing things up a bit. After all, there were plenty of their photos which seemed appropriate to share--along with some of the Pink Crow’s curious comments.

Earth television is idyllic!? Rupo: The last time we appeared on TV (TV Tokyo’s ‘Good Morning Studio’), I wasn’t able to watch it back because of our busy schedule. I enjoyed seeing a lot more this time around.

Jo-Jo: I’m really amazed. I had no idea that they were using such primitive equipment. I feel like I’m in a broadcast museum on Pop Gear.

G-Jo: Plus, I got to see everything in action with my own eyes. When we head back to Pop Gear, I’ll be an archaeologist.

Lindon: Even though the machinery is simplistic, it feels like the humans behind them are so enthusiastic.

G-Jo: That’s true. On Pop Gear, the ones in charge of TV just sit back in their armchairs. The machine does everything for them.

Rupo: Earth TV feels more homemade.

Jo-Jo: There are so many staff members too. Two or three dozen.

Lindon: It felt like we were really all part of a team, working together, having fun.

Jo-Jo: It felt like some of them were just playing around. What do you guys think? When we get back to Pop Gear, should we try making a TV show the Earth way?

All: Totally!

I’m a star too! Mr. Yoshida Terumi

The president of the Pink Crow’s agency ‘Yoshida Promotion,’ as well as their manager Mr. Yoshida Terumi chatted with me about the group’s TV appearance.

This is only the second time that the Pink Crows have appeared on television, but I hope to have them on more in the future. Since becoming a freelancer, I want to expand the scope of Yoshida Promotion’s body of work. That means that the Pink Crows will be showing up in all kinds of places. With that, I think fans will start to notice that their star power can’t be captured, even on a global scale.

On TV, everything comes down to the ‘top 10’ or the ‘10 best.’ But at the end of this, I want them to have their own regular show--one that they not only star in, but produce as well. I want them to be in charge.

Photo Captions (starting from top left, downwards, then ending above the pink box):
Our manager, Terumi Yoshida, appears! The man with the beard on the far right is our publicist, Mr. Taguchi.

Terumi-san is ALWAYS promoting us. Keep up the good work~

Here's the group that sings the theme song for 'Vifam.' We worked with them too! The second woman from the right is Sada Masahi's little sister.

Let’s start the show!

The Pink Crows aren’t only interested in Earth’s television technology. They also seemed very interested in their co-star, Kurasawa Atsumi, taking plenty of photos. According to Mr. Terumi Yoshida, their manager, “The Pink Crows are fanboys when it comes to idols. I mean any idol! They like anyone who sells well, and they are huge fans of everyone they work with.”

A focus on Atsumi in the powder room. Her blush is so cute!

Atsumi is so cute as she moves to the beat!

Finally, the show begins! Atsumi is taking questions from the cute!

During rehersal, Atsumi listens to instructions from staff. So cute!

Captions of the top-centre photo, clockwise to the photo above the purple box:
This is what the studio looks like inside. There’s tons of equipment and lots of people!

This is the TBS Midoriyama Studio. They aren't just famous for music shows, but for dramas too!

Here’s the sign!

Here’s the sub-controller. This is where the staff checks the picture.

Carley G's translation of the September feature is as follows (a translated scan is also included in the gallery):

White & green text, brown background; right page: Follow-up Report Serial #6

Pink Subtitle: The Pink Crows will be presenters for the Advanced Screening of the newest Vifam film!
Brown Subtitle:A Sudden Pink Crows Live Performance?

Right Page Photo Subtitle: We promise, we didn’t barge in or anything. It just so happens that the four guys responsible for doing the bonus drawings for the magazine came out to greet us!

Main Article:
Since our last report from the TBS Midoriyama Studio, the Pink Crows are now attempting to pose as journalists, and will be reporting on the live studio performance for the upcoming Vifam film.

This photo was taken and captioned by the Pink Crows when they paid a courtesy visit to the studio, and were selected as presenters for the upcoming special screening of "Keito no Kioku" Namida no Dakkai Sakusen!!

They first visited the work space of Mr. Toyou Ashida, the president of the studio and character designer for the Vifam series, in Egota, Tokyo. Mr. Ashida was busy working on a new video and supervising production, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to have a quick chat.

Afterwards, they went to the live studio located nearby. There, we saw the original stills for Chicago Super Police 13. That work is still in progress...

Watching as the animators were hard at work on the production, doing each drawing one by one, the Pink Crows couldn’t stay quiet, bursting out with ‘We could never do such amazing work! It’s so detailed!’

Box at end of Main Article: Here is the schedule for the advanced screening tour. We’ll see you at the venue!
8/11 – Fukuoka Tsukushi Kaikan
8/12 - Osaka Post Hall
8/13 – Nagoya Performing Arts Center
8/18 – Kyosai Hall, Sapporo
8/19 – Shimin Kaikan Hall, Sendai
8/20 – Tokyo Iino Hall
Caption Under Box: Note: The distribution of numbered tickets has ended.

Yellow Box: Video Staff Gathering!
Everyone was pretty quiet, but I eventually managed to persuade them to get together so I could take this shot. Earthlings are shy, huh?

Grey Box:The Four Bonus Content Artists
(Left to right for both rows): Mr. Matsushita Hiromi!
Mr. Chikanaga Kenichi!
Mr. Yamauchi Noriyasu!
Mr. Koujina Hiroshi!

Blue Subtitle: Director Toyou Ashida talks about the new Vifam
Blue Box Captions:
Top Left Photo: Mr. Toyou is in the middle of his work. I don’t want to bother him, gotta be quiet...

Centre Left Photo: Mr. Toyou gave us a big smile when we gave him a souvenir.

Screenshots Below Centre Left Photo: Shots from Chicago Super Police 13

Large Photo on Right: Mr. Toyou coming out in a Tommy mask!

Remaining text in blue box:
I was a little worried that the production may come out a bit tough since it revolved around Keito’s story. But in the end, it turned out more easy than I expected, and much more natural.

Mr. Hoshiyama (scriptwriter) and Mr. Takeyuki (Director) really made a great film.

We really tried to highlight the everyday life of a child. The thought process and direction was so incredibly detailed, so we hope that it comes through to people who see the film. Also, the bonus feature ‘Chicago Super Police 13’ is a great time.

It seems unreasonable to expect such detailed work from a group of men in their 30s, but we hope that it pulls you into a new mindset. We wanted to create something sepia-toned, something that gives you a kind of nostalgic feeling.

Even though the Chicago piece is just a bonus, please watch it carefully and enjoy.

Carley G's translation of the October feature is as follows (a translated scan is also included in the gallery):

White & yellow text, dark green background; right page: Follow-Up Report Serial #7

White Subtitle: The Shocking Third Installment of the Pink Crows Camera Report Series!
Brown Subtitle: The Hot-Topic of the Summer, the Tera Pina Summer Special, Performer Report!

Main Article:
Welcome to the popular ‘Pink Crows Camera Report Series!’

In this issue, we’re reporting on August’s massive event, ‘The Tera Pina Summer Special: Galactic Drifter Vifam New Video Release, The "Keito no Kioku" Namida no Dakkai Sakusen!! Advanced Screening.’

As you can tell from the title, the Pink Crows acted as presenters for the event, where the new Vifam movie was screened to fans prior to it’s actual release on September 25.

Of course, the Pink Crows performed a few of their chart-topping hits, and the popular folk group Hakuchouza also performed the theme song ‘Tsubasa’ from the Vifam film alongside a raffle for fans.

The photos used in the article were taken on August 11 at the Nagoya Tsukushi Kaikan, August 12 at the Osaka Post Hall, and August 13 at the Nagoya Performing Arts Center. Following these events were the August 18th performance at the Kyosai Hall in Sapporo, the August 19 show at Shimin Kaikan Hall in Sendai, and finally, the August 20 screening at Iino Hall in Tokyo.

For those of you who, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to one of the events, we hope that the images will allow you to feel the atmosphere in the concert halls. As usual, the photo captions were written by the Pink Crows themselves.

Green Headline in Green Box: This is "Keito no Kioku" Namida no Dakkai Sakusen!!

Subtitles in Brown Box (from left to right, top to bottom): Ms. Sadareiko, Sada Masashi’s little sister.
Mr. Haruto Doi.

Blue Text in Middle: Hakuchouza
Black Text in Middle: In the August Issue, we worked with the guys from the last TV appearance. Now, for this event, we’re working together again.

The Leader of Hakuchouza, Yutaka Takahira
Ms. Megumi Abe

Photo Captions:

Photo below brown box and above yellow box: The Lottery Event in Fukuoka. What did he win?

Photo to the right of the brown box: The host in Fukuoka was Tominaga Miina, the voice of Clare in Vifam!
We were quickly introduced by Ms. Miina and ran on stage! Is everyone ready?

Photo directly to the left of Pink Crows title card: Fans in Osaka waiting for the doors to open. Thank you so much for standing in the heat!

Photo below Osaka crowd photo: The MC for the Osaka and Nagoya performance was Run Sasaki, the voice of Marlo. I wonder what she was looking at?

Photo to the right of Sasaki’s photo: The Nagoya venue was packed! We’re so thrilled that so many people showed up!

White:The Tera Pina Summer Special, A Gift from the Pink Crows
Galactic Drifter Vifam New Video Release
"Keito no Kioku" Namida no Dakkai Sakusen!! Advanced Screening

Yellow: Pink Crows Info

Good news for Pink Crows fans: starting in September, the Pink Crows will be appearing as image characters for Toshiba’s new fluorescent lamps!

Also, on October 25, their long-awaited third single ‘Ikinari Want You!’ will be released! This is the theme song for ‘Showa Aho Zoshi Akanuke Ichiban,’ airing on TV Asahi each Monday at 7:30PM starting October 7. The ending theme will be sung by Mikako Hashimoto, who previously enjoyed a date with the Crows in Hawaii (back in the July issue.) (Please be advised, they are all good friends and their feelings are mutual.)

Thank you so much for supporting Ms. Hashimoto and the Pink Crows!

Headline beneath Yellow box: The Pink Crows Report Serials featured in the biweekly ‘My Anime’ magazine will stop going forward.

Text below aforementioned headline: The Pink Crows will also be singing the theme song for ‘Akanuke Ichiban!’. As the band's activities increase, we invite you to support them in their future endeavours. The Pink Crows Fan Club is currently open for applications. For further information, please contact the PCC office at the Kitamura Building 5F, 4-10-6 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo.

The appearance of Pink Crows "as image characters for Toshiba’s new fluorescent lamps" probably only refers to when the cover art from the band's second single was featured on plastic tote bags for advertising the fluorescent lamps. A partial scan from one of these tote bags can be seen in the gallery.

  • Anime V magazine, June & October 1985: An article about Pink Crows appears under a section called "Full throttle new movie special information". This has been scanned, and the image is archived in the gallery below. It is unclear if the music video featured in these screenshots is the same video as the one featured in the My Anime spread, or a second separate video. Translations (even partial) of both articles could help. A complete translation of the Anime V magazine article has been performed by Carley G.:

Full Throttle Video News Flash

Meet the Pink Crows

*Music Video Currently Airing on TV

Right side Caption: The Pink Crows Appear in their Second Shoot!

Following the success of their first release, the Pink Crows have completed their second music video!

The title of the song is ‘The Girl is Pinkish.’ The video is composed of powerful visuals that match the equally powerful lyrics. As the four-member group, headed by Jojo, begin with their musical performance, the titular ‘girl’ is inserted throughout the PV in the form of photos.

The video has an outer-space vibe, with the four-member group being the light in the vast darkness.

”Don't let go, I've already chosen you!"

With those powerful lyrics, we see Jojo pointing right at his girl!

Last time, the Pink Crows brought us a story--this time, they envelop us in a mood!

Bottom Image Caption: After being chosen to appear in an Ajinomoto ad, you’ll be seeing them more and more on television...

The band was featured in this magazine a second time in the October 1985 issue; this feature has also been translated by Carley G. (see gallery).

  • Animage magazine, March 1985: A small advertisement for Pink Crows is included. It does not contain much information about the music videos, but it is included here for the record. A complete translation of this advertisement has been performed by Carley G. (see gallery).
  • Newtype magazine, March-May 1985: According to the Japanese Wikipedia article for Pink Crows, the first three issues of Newtype magazine each included a two-page installment of a manga about the band's characters. As of this writing, Twitter user Blacotaku1 and Twitter user caleepers are each known to own these three issues; caleepers has scanned the comics (see gallery). Carley G. has performed a complete translation of this manga.
  • Animedia magazine, April-August 1985: The April issue of Animedia included a fairly large feature about Pink Crows; this feature has been translated by Carley G. (see gallery). Smaller mentions of the band were included in the May, June, July, & August issues (see gallery). The Google translation of the August feature is as follows:

Following "彼女はPinkish", the third waiting version will be released in autumn. In addition, at the preview screening of the completion of the 4th new video of "Vifam", Pink Crows will be the presenter, so I'm looking forward to seeing what it will look like.

"4th new video of Vifam", most likely refers to an OVA named, "Kate no Kioku" Namida no Dakkai Sakusen!!, which was released in September 1985.

  • New Animation Music Journal Autumn '85, November 1985: In this booklet from the publisher of Animedia Magazine, a tiny blurb about the band appears with the sheet music for いきなりWant You! This feature has been translated by Carley G. (see gallery).

The Music

For a long time, only one single was available, いきなりWant You!. But after a lot of time and effort user Ravenworks had bought the entire known discography on Pink Crows, and ripped each record, uploading them onto YouTube. Including the approximate song that was in the music video, 彼女はPinkish.

List of Singles


  • A: Here Come Pink Crows
  • B: I Need You


  • A: 彼女はPinkish
  • B: Pink Crows Show


  • A: いきなりWant You!
  • B: P. O. Box '87


The lyrics of two of the songs have been translated by Carley G.


Don’t be alarmed
Who I am doesn’t matter
I knocked on your window
Until you understand why
That’s right, don’t raise your voice

Why are you closing the blinds?
I'm alone with my tears, don’t tease me
I just want to be by your side
Let the noise set you adrift
No need to reply right away

Even if I could just hold you
Only you can save me

But Be
Be my baby
Be my pinkish baby
I faced those feelings, so don’t you hide them
But Be
Be my baby
Be my pinkish baby
Don't let go,
I've already chosen you

I don’t wanna forget
Those carnival pink shoes
I felt like you could fly
Yeah, I can’t see your reflection
In that mirror that knew too much

We’d laugh, saying yesterday is gone
Pessimists in this cheerful city
I’m forgetting the view
Of the full moon out the window
You aren’t alone

Even if I could just comfort you
Only you can save me

But Be
Be my baby
Be my pinkish baby
I faced those feelings, so don’t you hide them
But Be
Be my baby
Be my pinkish baby
Don't let go,
I've already chosen you

P. O. Box '87

I came to this city for a reason
All my thoughts are consumed with you, only you
I’m just aimlessly staring at the rain
Forever, you’ll be mine

If I keep wandering, I can’t retrace my steps
My desire to see you, that’s what keeps me going
The glow of the pavement blurs and runs
Forever, you’ll be mine

A love song for you
I’ll just deliver it to you every day
Until that day comes
When you’re asleep in my arms


No one knows what tomorrow will bring
I can just hear footsteps behind me, chasing after me
The warmth of your skin is still on my fingertips
Forever, you’ll be mine

I wouldn’t wish this loneliness on another soul
I’ll just keep walking forward, heart heavy
Wash the teardrops on the fence away with the palms of your hands
Forever, you’ll be mine

A love song for you
I’ll just deliver it to you every day
Until that day comes
When you’re asleep in my arms



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