Pop-Tarts Crazy Good World (partially found promotional online games; 2006-2010)

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Official Pop-Tarts Website, circa 2007.

Status: Partially Found

Around 2004, Pop-Tarts began a new campaign under the slogan "Crazy Good."[1] Approximately two years later, the official website was changed to reflect the new promotion. Users could create a crazy Good World account, and play games to earn points for wallpaper and music downloads.

This was a tie-in promotion for The Great Fruit Escape, and later for American Idol. Along with it came a series of games under the name "Game-A-Rama". In 2007, this was once again changed to "Crazy Good Back-lot Fun and Games". The game section of the website was later changed to "Fun and Games" for the remainder of the promotion.

After 2010, the Pop-Tarts website was once again updated, and the Crazy Good campaign was no longer online. All of the games that had been made available were no longer on the website, and users could not create or login to their Crazy Good World account.


Since the campaign had come to an end, only one of the games, Drop A Note, have been found. Going on the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive will take you to the original pages, but the flash files have not been saved, and therefore, will not work to play the original games.

It is possible the developers of the original games still have the game programs on their personal computers, but it is currently unknown who these developers are, and if they even still have the original game files with them.


Lost Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Games

Game Title Status Notes
Apple Strudel Bowl-A-Rama Lost N/A
Cinnamon Roll Drag Race Lost N/A
Double Berry Sack Race Lost N/A
Drop A Note Found Found by MatrixUltra in November 2020
Flying Dodge'Em Lost N/A
French Toast Toss Lost N/A
Kung-Fu Scratch Lost N/A
Morning Rush Lost N/A
Out On A Limb Lost N/A
Rock Climb Lost N/A
Ski Launch Lost N/A
Snowball Freeze Lost N/A
Swamp Walk Lost N/A


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