Restaurant City (partially found Facebook game; 2009-2012)

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The game's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Restaurant City was a Facebook game developed by Playfish that launched on April 28th, 2009. The game was closed on June 29th, 2012.


The game consisted of managing a restaurant, from hiring employees to decorating and even growing ingredients to unlock or upgrade dishes. Players could visit their Facebook friend's restaurants and help them by picking up trash from the floor. As the restaurant levels up, new decorations and functional items are unlocked, like toilets or arcade cabinets. These gave the player extra cash when used by a customer but had to be repaired after a certain amount of uses. To hire new employees, the player was required to have at least one friend that also played Restaurant City and is not already working in the restaurant. Each employee had three available roles: cleaner, chef, or waiter. At least one chef and one waiter were required for the restaurant to work. Cleaners kept the restaurant clean so that customers don't complain/leave negative reviews. The restaurant could have more than one chef/waiter, doing so increased income. Cooking speed also depended on the stove used. Employees got tired over time and if their energy level reached zero they would stop working until their energy is restored by buying food. The player had the option to change their worker's clothes.

The game had a premium currency called "Playfish Cash" that was used to buy normal or special functional items, like the jukebox, that allowed changing the music that played when inside the player's restaurant.

Russian Version

Around 2016, a Russian version of the game called Restorator was launched to the public under the name Restaurant Streets. This is an old Russian build of Restaurant City and has many things missing, like certain decorations, dishes, promotional items, and graphics. "Playfish Cash" was replaced with "StarMoney" and the tutorial guide is a generic chef instead of Maggie, the guide from the North American version.[1]


Gameplay from Restaurant City.

Default restaurant theme.