Romper Room (lost builds of cancelled series of Atari 2600 educational games; 1983)

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Romper Room Series Atari 2600.png

Some concept art for the game series.

Status: Lost

Romper Room is a cancelled series of Atari 2600 early learning educational games based on the long-running American children's television series, Romper Room.


The player would join DoBee and his friends in teaching pre-schoolers about numbers, the alphabet and much more.

The games' designers would have used the latest in proven educational methods to educate and entertain children. These series of programs would have added new value to their computer system.

Development and Cancellation

The games would have been developed and published by Spectravideo. 3 titles were in the works: DoBee’s First Alphabet, Romper Room’s Countdown to Fun, and The Street Where You Live.[1]

However, these games were ultimately cancelled, likely in part due to the Video Game Crash of 1983.