Sobakasu Pucchi (partially found anime series; 1969)

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Still of the show.

Status: Partially Found

Sobakasu Pucchi (そばかすプッチー Freckle Pucchi) is an anime series created by Takashi Aoki and produced by Fuji TV Enterprise. The series aired on Fuji TV in Japan every Monday through Saturday from March 31 to October 4, 1969, for 162 episodes.


The series follows the adventures of a little boy named Pucchi who goes on adventures, fighting bad guys with a help of a talking parrot, Ganko, and a friendly monster, Netarou. It had a total of 27 storylines split into six cliffhangers.[1]


After its initial airing, the series never re-aired on any other network in Japan and never received a home media release. Every episode is very rare nowadays, and no footage can be found anywhere online except for the opening and ending song "Sobakasu Pucchi"[2] performed by the Fuji Children's Chorus, composed by Mikio Kasai and written by Fumio Ikeno.[3]. It's currently unknown if the film reels to any of the episodes still survive.


The opening to the anime.