Star Rangers/Lucky Aces (partially found dubs of 'Super Sentai' series; 1978-1980)

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Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai teams.

Status: Partially Found

Premiering in 1975, Himitsu Sentai Gorenger is the first entry within the Japanese 'Super Sentai' franchise, with J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai being the second. The series is most notoriously known overseas as the source material for Saban's Power Rangers franchise, an Americanization of the series. In 1978, an English dub of J.A.K.Q. was produced for the Philippines, titled Lucky Aces.[1] Later in 1979, an English dub of Gorenger, titled Star Rangers aired.[1] Not much is known about the origins of the two dubs, but both were broadcasted on the Filipino channel RPN-9.

Differences From Original


Not much was changed in the adaptation (at least for Gorenger), the only major difference was the renaming of the shows and the changing of Ranger designations. In Gorenger, Akaranger (Red) is Star 1, Aoranger (Blue) is Star 2, Kiranger (Yellow) is Star 3, Momoranger (Pink) is Star 4, and Midoranger (Green) is Star 5.

J.A.K.Q Dengekitai

It is unknown if the Rangers received name changes in J.A.K.Q., however, it is most unlikely due to their names already being in English. The biggest and final currently known difference between the original and dubbed series is the adaptation order. Originally, Gorenger aired first, with J.A.K.Q. being produced afterward, however in the Philippines, J.A.K.Q. was dubbed and aired first with Gorenger coming second. The latter of the two series (Gorenger) ended up being more successful in both places, coincidentally.[1]


Nothing from Lucky Aces has resurfaced, Gorenger on the other hand, has had very few episodes come up. Episodes 1-12 (minus episode 3) are on MySpleen, a private torrenting site. Episodes 1-11 (minus episode 3) can be viewed on the Internet Archive, due to a fan contacting the user who uploaded the clip on YouTube, who sent the fan, dvds with the episodes on. Episode 1 can also be found through a download link on MEGA. Clips of the first two episodes are on YouTube, it is possible that more episodes are in the hands of hardcore Super Sentai fans.


A clip from episode 2.

External Links


A blogpost from the fan who uploaded the episodes onto the Internet Archive.