Still Game (lost unaired pilot of Scottish TV show; 2002)

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Still Game 2016 title card.png

The series' current title card.

Status: Lost

Still Game is a popular BBC Scottish TV show that ran from 2002-2007. It was about two elderly Scottish men having hilarious adventures with their old pals. Despite much popularity and much critical acclaim, it ended just after six seasons, each ending with either 6 or 7 episodes. Talks are even under the way as of 2015 to bring it back for a 7th season.[1] It even once returned for a live performance in 2014.


There was one episode of Still Game that was going to be aired as the first episode but fell through due to a lack of reception from those who saw it.[2] It has never once been released on home media.

The only thing known about this episode is that Bobby, the bar owner, is played by a different unknown actor, Isa, the local gossiper of the town, is less annoying and hated, and Winston, Jack and Victor's friend is not present, with their other friend, Tam, being the second main character of the stories episode.


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