Super Diorama Theatre (lost unreleased Buckethead album; 2003)

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Super Diorama Theatre.jpg

Photo card promoting the album.

Status: Lost

Super Diorama Theatre was an unreleased album by avant-garde guitarist Buckethead. It was produced by the label Catalyst entertainment and was scheduled for a 2003 release. However, it never saw the light of day.

Not much is known about the album. It first came to light in an FAQ on the now-defunct website where a user asked about what albums were released by Buckethead, and the unreleased album was talked about.[1] Only one song titled "The Cuckoo Clocks From Hell" is known to be from this album. Another album released in 2004 has this name, although the albums have been confirmed to be different.

One theory has popped up on why the album was never released. Some suggest that the label had financial difficulties as only previous Buckethead projects have been linked to the label ever saw release. Attempts to contact Buckethead’s colleagues, namely Travis Dickerson, have returned inconclusive.