The Club (lost Nickelodeon MMO; 2010-2014)

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Nick club clubhouse.jpg

A screenshot from the game.

Status: Lost

The Club was an online multiplayer game created by Nickelodeon. The game was designed for children ages 6 to 14 since that was Nickelodeon's main demographic. In The Club, the game allows players to create their own avatar, decorate their home with merchandise and furniture, visit locations similar to actual Nickelodeon shows such as iCarly, watch videos, and post comments on the message board.


The game began development in November 2004 and was released as an open beta in June 2006. 5 months later, the beta was closed, and it was confirmed by Nickelodeon that over 3,000,000 users tested the game. On January 30th, 2007, the full game was finally released to the public under the name Nicktropolis. Nicktropolis turned out to be successful and earned a much favorable reception from its fans. Nicktropolis had a player count of 7,000,000 at the time. The game was later updated to have a blog where events were held for the game. On May 19, 2010, the game was redesigned to have 2D graphics and was renamed to The Club. Not only was the name changed, but the site was updated to have a message board for users to post comments.



There were several clubhouses that people could all visit together and chat with each other. Many were themed after Nick shows.

Chat features

To keep everyone safe, the chatting option was limited and had no ways to say offensive language. No numbers, single letters (exceptions such as the letter A), or names of people (except some popular Nickelodeon characters) could be said to prevent people from giving out personal info. There was also no way to type in made-up words, the only accepted words were pre-made.

Mini games

Many of the clubhouses had games within them.


A game where many people would play a quiz together, and different-colored circles to stand on that represent 4 answers. Anyone who stands on the correct answer circle will win ClubPoints, if someone stands on a wrong answer circle will just get green slime dumped on them.

Commenting features

Before the Club was shut down, there were ways to post comments on games, videos, and in the message boards. Unlike the chat option in the clubhouses, the commenting section was free-range, and you could say anything you want. However, any comment posted had to be approved by moderators before showing up, to keep the site safe. Link from outside sources were not allowed in the message boards.

Safety stuff

The site also had a safety information page for parents, so they would know the site is safe for kids.

Online Safety Guide and Ground Rules(which, while Club-specific, are more for the Internet in general, since the Club had very secure safety measures that prevented all those wrong stuff from happening)


In September 2014, Nickelodeon updated its website to have a more modern type of look and because of this, The Club had to be shut down and taken off of the website, along with the message board. There are only a few screenshots of the game along with a commercial for it found by TheUkeUkeable on YouTube, but as of right now, The Club remains completely and utterly lost.


A commercial for the game.

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