The Dipsy Doodle Show (lost animated special; 1974)

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The Dipsy Doodle Show ad.jpg

Newspaper advertisement of the special.

Status: Lost

The Dipsy Doodle Show was a live-action/animated television special intended to serve as a pilot for a children's series released in 1974.


The special is about Dipsy Doodle, an "all-around good guy" who draws characters and stories in his "Mageramic Doodlearium", which would come to life.[1] He is also the ancestor to Yankee Doodle. The Dipsy Doodle Show would include shorter stories as well, such as "Windwagon Smith" which is about old men in a prairie discussing a story about a flying windwagon, and "A Salute to the Turtle", about a militant turtle who selfishly demands "equal time". Sometimes Dipsy gets involved with the stories himself, such as with "The Wise Fools of Gotham", and "The Little Red Hen".[1]


The Dipsy Doodle Show was jointly created by Metromedia Television, Capital Cities, and Storer Broadcasting, and partnered with General Foods. They were aided by a child development advisory board and were created specifically for the 7-10 year old demographic, an area that was largely neglected by TV at the time.[1] The special was a mix of live-action and animation, a "first" for television, and was broadcasted on May 30th, 1974.

The special's live-action segments were recorded at the WUAB TV station in Ohio, as the production crew lacked studio time at WJKW-TV.[2] The animation was done by Rick Reinert Studios. Jerry Leonard was the writer of the script, while Frank Gari and Lee Bush wrote the music that played during the special.[2] The cast for the live-action actors include Jonathan Freeman (who would later go on to voice Jafar in Disney's Aladdin (1992)), Karen League, Harry Gold, Emil Herrera, Sara Louis, Michael McGee, and Helene Leonard.[1]


The Dispy Doodle Show has not reappeared in any home media release since its broadcast in 1974. The only evidence of it online is a couple of ads and a still of Dispy Doodle with the rest of the cast.


  • Jonathan Freeman - Jon
  • Karen League - Karen
  • Harry Gold - Harry
  • Emil Herrera - Emil
  • Sara Louis - Sara
  • Michael McGee - Mike
  • Helene Leonard - Helene[1]
  • Bob Huber - Executive Producer
  • Tony Lolli - Studio Director
  • Jerry Leonard - Writer/Cast Director
  • Frank Gari - Composer
  • Lee Bush - Composer[2]


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