The Little Green Man (partially lost ITV children's animated series; 1985)

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The series' title card.

Status: Partially Lost

The Little Green Man was a British animated children's television series, which ran on ITV from January 3rd - March 28th, 1985. 13 episodes aired on the show. It was narrated by Jon Pertwee, who was known for being the third Doctor on Doctor Who.[1]


The Little Green Man was about a boy named Syndey Keets, called Skeets by others, who befriends a green alien that only he can see and whom he calls "Greenie". Greenie also brought along his champion, Zoom Zoom, who is a sun-like creature. Like Greenie, Zoom Zoom can't be seen by anybody except for Skeets.


Eleven full episodes of The Little Green Man have been found. The rest of the series is lost. Most of these were found on the YouTube channel ADC TV Collection having been uploaded in 2023, with the most recent one being on February 15th, 2024.


# Episode Title Status
1 The Visitor from Space Found
2 There's No Fun Like Snow Fun Found
3 Up, Up and Away Found
4 Greenie Thro' The Looking Glass Found
5 Help For the Duke Found
6 Monkey Tricks Found
7 Skeets' Scarf Found
8 A Trip to The Circus Found
9 An Adventure in Space Found
10 A Fishy Tale Found
11 A Bicycle Made for Three Found
12 The Shopping Expedition Lost
13 Skeets' Sandcastle Lost


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