The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing! (partially found web series; 2008)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing! was a web series produced by the Jim Henson Company in 2008. It was the company's first production to not feature any puppets since their UPN sitcom Family Rules in 1999 and provides a unique combination of the sci-fi, western, adventure, and musical genres. Since the videos were uploaded via the Henson's internal embed video program, they were difficult to save (the site is now defunct), and only the first two of the series' five episodes, plus a "sing-along" music video, have made it to YouTube. (Note: for clarity purposes, it should be noted that "episodes 3 and 4" are actually the first two episodes.)


The first episode (billed as the third).

The second episode (billed as the fourth).

A sing-along video that was also featured on the site.