The Sun Will Never Shine (lost unreleased Dee Dee Ramones song; 1986)

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The official listing of the song in the GEMA Database.

Status: Lost

The Sun Will Never Shine is an unreleased song attributed to Dee Dee Ramone, a member of the seminal punk rock band, The Ramones. Registered in the late 1980s with the German GEMA (music copyright) database, this track has intrigued the audience and fans due to the lack of available recordings or detailed information.

This article represents the culmination of available information and speculation surrounding "The Sun Will Never Shine".


Dee Dee Ramone, born Douglas Glenn Colvin, was not only the bassist but also a prolific songwriter for The Ramones, contributing to many of the band's most iconic songs. His songwriting partnership with Daniel Rey, noted on the GEMA registration for "The Sun Will Never Shine," was well-known, particularly for their work on the Ramones' later albums.

Discovery and Speculation

The discovery of "The Sun Will Never Shine" within the GEMA database sparked interest among the Ramones' fan community, particularly on platforms like Reddit where details of the song were discussed. Registered under the work number 3738166-001, with both Dee Dee Ramone and Daniel Rey listed as composers, the song's existence raises several questions. Notably, its registration number is close to that of "Cretin Family" (work number 3738157), a song released in 1995 on the Ramones' album "¡Adios Amigos!" This proximity in registration numbers suggests "The Sun Will Never Shine" was part of the same session or period, hinting at its creation during the late stages of the Ramones' career.

The data listed from the GEMA database goes as follows:

   Status: Copyright Registered/Lost/Possibly Unreleased
   Year: Late 1980s
   Artist: Dee Dee Ramone
   Composers: Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey
   GEMA Work Number: 3738166-001
   ISWC: N/A
   Duration: N/A

The Mystery Deepens

Despite its official registration, "The Sun Will Never Shine" remains shrouded in mystery. No recordings, lyrics, or detailed descriptions of the song have surfaced, leading to speculation that it was abandoned or sold to another singer during the production phase of "¡Adios Amigos!" or another project. This phenomenon is not entirely unheard of in the music industry, where songs are often registered but shelved due to various reasons ranging from artistic decisions to record label disputes.

Comparison with Other Unreleased Tracks

The Ramones are known to have unreleased tracks, with "Dead," a song intended for the soundtrack of "Pet Sematary II," being a notable example. Like "The Sun Will Never Shine," "Dead" was registered but never officially released, adding another layer of intrigue to the band's storied legacy.


"The Sun Will Never Shine" stands as a fascinating footnote in the history of the Ramones, emblematic of the unpredictability of the music creation process. Without concrete evidence of its recording or inclusion in any known project, the song remains an enigma, a lost piece of punk rock history.