The Weekend It Lives (lost original cut of horror movie; 1992)

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VHS front cover for Ax' Em.

Status: Lost

Ax 'Em (also known as The Weekend It Lives) is a 1992 urban horror film written and directed by Michael Mfume.


The film went under the original working title of The Weekend It Lives. It was originally marketed as a spoof of horror slashers with a budget of $650. The movie had a limited theatrical release in Baltimore, Maryland on January 29, in 1992, before falling into obscurity.


After the rights were picked up by the home video distribution company, York Entertainment in 2003, many changes were done to the movie that deviated from the director's original vision. The tone was inconsistent, and scenes went out of order or missing entirely, leaving the film often incoherent. There was also a new soundtrack provided, consisting of unknown rap artists and generic Horror music.


The film was met with an extremely negative approach from critics, judging the movie from its poor audio track, shoddy camera work, lack of character motiviations and development, the cheesy body count, and the fact the killer in the movie uses anything but an ax as a weapon choice.

The film gained more popularity and notice when Brad Jones covered the Ax' Em cut of the film on his web series The Cinema Snob in 2010 after his fans requested him to review it. It was covered again by another YouTube reviewer, Cosmonaut Variety Hour in 2019.

Aftermath and Availability

The full movie for the York Entertainment release can be found online, on VHS or DVD, and as for the original version The Weekend It Lives, no surviving prints have turned up.

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