Three Little Ghosts (partially found English dub of anime series; 1992)

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Three Little Ghosts.jpg

The show's main protagonists Acchi (Bumper), Kocchi (Cuter), and Socchi (Sally).

Status: Partially Found

Three Little Ghosts is an English dub of the Studio Pierrot anime series, Chiisana Obake Acchi, Kocchi, Socchi (ちいさなおばけアッチ・コッチ・ソッチ Little Obake There, Here, There) produced by Saban Entertainment in 1992.


The plot centers around the three mischievous obakes (Acchi, Kocchi, and Socchi) who have taken up different jobs. However, they mostly cause mischief in their neighborhood.


The show was released on VHS by Anchor Bay on August 4, 1992.[1] While the show can easily be found in other languages (such as Poland and Scandinavia), only a few videos of the English version have resurfaced.[2]

It's unknown how many episodes have been dubbed into English.


A intro of the English version.

Rap song of the English version.

A Swedish intro which uses the English title.

Sally (Socchi)'s song from the English version.

Bumper (Acchi)'s song from the English version.